What is hard water, and what is it doing to your hair? Advertisement

What is hard water, and what is it doing to your hair?

Spoiler: It could be the cause of your brittle and discoloured hair

By Ana Eksouzian-Cavadas  February 9th, 2018

Each time you leave your front door, your hair comes up against a number of external elements, many of which threaten to damage the quality of your hair. However, while we’ve been busy trying to protect our locks from environmental damage, there’s been a seemingly unlikely culprit sabotaging our hair from within the home: ‘hard water’.

“Hard Water is when water [contains] a high mineral content, usually minerals including calcium and magnesium,” cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson revealed on cult beauty podcast Fat Mascara. “These excess minerals can build up in your hair and cause it to look dull, change the feel and even shift the color.”

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Long-term exposure to hard water can also make your hair more difficult style, according to Allure.

If you suspect that your water at home may be of the ‘hard’ variety, Fat Mascara suggest picking up a hard water test kit to gauge its quality.

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But worry not! Hard water-effected hair has a fairly simple fix. “To solve this, use a chelating shampoo,” said Robinson. “These work to remove the heavy build-up of minerals. Look for shampoos that say they’re chelating shampoos, or have the ingredient EDTA in them, which works to bind the minerals [in the hair] so that they can be rinsed away.”  

Try these chelating shampoos to nix dry and dull, hard water hair:

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