5 ways to harness the energy of the new moon

The energy of the new moon silently and subtly affect all of us — our feelings, emotions and desires keep shifting according to the phases of the moon. With the advent of the new moon phase, comes new beginnings and new opportunities, making it a crucial time to call for changes in your lifestyle. ELLE got spiritual healer and psychic Ashtar Tashi to shed light on how to harness the energy of the new moon and bring about positive and long-lasting changes in our lives.

1. Set an intention  

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“The new moon is a lot about transformation and letting go of everything that doesn’t serve your higher purpose. However, the new moon energies can often create confusion in your mind. And given the fact that we’re moving through a retrograde in Jupiter, progress is going to be slow. So the best way to counter this is to create an intent. Here’s a positive affirmation to help you kickstart: 

“I am open to letting go of all that I do not need anymore. I am free and receiving with great joy the new energies that are meant for me. I am that I am, so be it, and so it is.””

2. Meditate with a crystal 

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“Using a clear quartz or a moonstone while meditating will help you connect with the powerful energies of the new moon. Once you tune in, you will be able to understand your subconscious better.”

3. Journal   

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“Writing down your feelings and your thought processes will help you navigate through the new moon phase. The best way to harness the new moon’s vibrations are by continually practicing these steps every month, and jotting down your emotions will aid in tracking your improvements.”

4. Use positive affirmations 

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“From morning to night, keep repeating positive affirmations about whatever you wish to attract in your life — whether it’s a relationship, a job, health or wealth. Keep giving gratitude to the universe for everything you have so far.”

5. Start a new hobby/creative pursuit 

A post shared by Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) on Mar 7, 2018 at 8:18am PST

“The new moon marks the ideal time to begin something afresh — it could be a new exercise regime, a new hobby, a new creative business idea. Know that success will follow you. All you need to do is begin.”

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