Heal and De-Stress With The Magic Of Essential Oils

Stress has unequivocally entered our lives with a one-way ticket since last year and doesn’t seem to return anytime soon. While it gets tougher to deal with pandemic-triggered stress, it continues to take a toll on our physical, mental and emotional health. By now, many of us have resorted to music, yoga or meditation to stimulate healing from within and deal with stress, anxiety and tension. One such way of managing stress is aromatherapy, and EKAM’s new range of essential oils is all you need to promote better health and well-being.

Balance Your Chakras

EKAM has already championed the aromatherapy space with their stellar scented candles and home fragrances. The new addition to the family is the Chakra Series. According to ancient meditation practices, chakras are wheel-like energy points arranged vertically across the spine. For mental and physical well-being, the seven chakras should be open and balanced. Stress, tension and illness can block these energy points and disturb physical, emotional and mental peace. That’s why you need these fragrant oils on standby at all times. A few drops is all it takes to relax your body and mind.

EKAM’s Chakra Series Of Essential Oils
The range contains seven different fragrant oils for every chakra and aims to work on it.

Crown Chakra Diffuser: It contains rosewood, sacred frankincense sandalwood and lemon to uplift your mood and keep anxiety at bay.

Third Eye Chakra Diffuser: It contains ylang-ylang, lavender, clary sage, pine and Frankincense Serrata to infuse positivity and emotional stability.

Throat Chakra Diffuser: It contains peppermint, cypress, Roman chamomile, rosemary and blue tansy for tranquillity and growth.

Heart Chakra Diffuser: It contains geranium, copaiba, lime, spearmint and rose that fills you up with love and joy.

Solar Chakra Diffuser: It contains cedarwood, grapefruit, sweet marjoram, black pepper and ginger root that boosts optimism and confidence.

Sacral Chakra Diffuser: It contains sandalwood, clary sage, cardamom, cinnamon and jasmine that promotes creativity and warmth.

Root Chakra Diffuser: It contains vetiver, myrrh, frankincense serrata, grapefruit and pine that energises and improves overall well-being.

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