10 healthy-eating books to help you shed those unwanted kilos

If your mid-year plan involves getting fit and knocking off those extra kilos, take a jog down to the bookstore. You’ll find shelves brimming with cookbooks and memoirs of healthy eating, but there are only a few that aid as much as an hour-long Pilates session. In her new book, author Jessica Seinfield (she’s also married to comedian Jerry Seinfeld) details recipes for when you’re watching your waist, coupled with a few cheat day creations to indulge in because balance is key.

When you want to eat like an unsupervised child in a candy store, India’s macaroon queen, Pooja Dhingra, offers you pages of healthy dessert recipes to calm your sugar cravings, minus the guilt. And if you’re still not sure about adopting a controlled diet, Shilpa Shetty will convince you otherwise. 

10 healthy eating books to help you get fit 

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