Three tricks to get Alia's gorgeous beach waves—no heat required Advertisement

Three tricks to get Alia’s gorgeous beach waves—no heat required

By Tatiana Dias  January 28th, 2019

Alia Bhatt was recently spotted at the Gully Boy music launch, looking absolutely stunning; her natural make-up (with a strong contour) was the perfect complement to her shimmering, mermaid-esque ensemble. However, it was her easy-breezy, windblown beach-ready hair that caught our attention. Unfortunately, getting a superstar-ready mane almost always involves the use of damaging hot tools. Worry not! Stash away the hot curlers and the sizzling tongs, because we show you three hair hacks that’ll help you get Alia Bhatt’s boho waves without using any heat.

HEATLESS HACK 1: Braid away

Before sleeping, braid slightly damp hair into two pigtails and apply a small amount of mousse onto each so that the hair stays in the place. Gently open the braids the next morning and scrunch in some volumising product to the ends to keep the waves intact. You can even finish off with texturising sea salt spray.

HEATLESS HACK 2: Twist the tails

Once again, apply a small amount of product on the length of your damp hair. Divide the hair into two sections and twist it into smaller sections, depending on the size of the wave you desire. Secure these twists with bobby pins and let it sit in place, till your hair dries. Remove the bobby pins and run your fingers through your hair to loosen the waves. While doing so, feel free to use volumising product to add more bounce to the waves.

HEATLESS HACK 3: Headband wrap

Gently brush your slightly damp hair and push it back with a headband. Divide the length of your hair in smaller sections starting from your ears and weave each section over and under the headband so that hair wraps around it. Leave it overnight and gently remove it the next morning. Apply a little texturising spray to finish.