Hemang Agrawal x Bemberg collection at LFW 2020: An exclusive first look Advertisement

An exclusive first look at the Bemberg x Hemang Agrawal collection at Lakmé Fashion Week 2020

An ode to the craftsmanship of Benares

By Isha Mayer  October 14th, 2020

Every season Lakmé Fashion Week 2020 showcases newbie designers along with the veteran designers who together steer their design practices towards more sustainable choices. This time around, LFW will dedicate two days to sustainability while showcasing a seasonless, digital presentation. Among one of the many showcases, Hemang Agrawal will present a collection in collaboration with Bemberg a sustainable regenerated cellulose fibre manufactured by the Japanese firm Asahi Kasei.

Ahead of Hemang’s show at LFW October 2020, we caught up with the designer to know more:

ELLE: Tell us a little about your upcoming collection at LFW?

HEMANG AGRAWAL: The “Tattva” collection, being showcased at LFW, takes inspiration from the Indian mantra of Sarva-Mangalam, which connotes tranquility between the 12 elements of the universe, as per Indian scriptures. A similar concept in Japanese philosophy is known as Godai.

ELLE: With this season of LFW going digital, were there any challenges you faced?

HA: There have been some challenges and at the same time, there are several advantages that digital technology brings to the table.  We obviously miss the aspects of physical fittings, inter-personal interactions and the show ambiance. Overall, I’d say digital-first has been a sharp learning curve.

Hemang Agrawal’s showcase at LFW SS18

ELLE: Most of your inspiration comes from your hometown, Benares. What aspect of this culture-rich city inspires your designs?

HA: Living in Benares is like living inside pages of history. The city is steeped in culture and art, so one does not have to try too hard looking for inspiration. While the city is essentially the core of our inspiration, our label does not restrict itself to the traditional design language of Benares, be it our motifs, textile structures, colour palette or the silhouettes. We always strive to use the artisanal skills to create apparel and textiles which are contemporary and global.

The Bemberg X Hemang Agrawal collaboration will throw light on the work of artisans and will see technology marrying craftsmanship. “We hope this collaboration will give the craftsman a chance to work with Bemberg, a sustainable cellulose fibre made with sophisticated Japanese technology and develop high-value products that will increase demand for their skills on national and international levels,” said Mr. Hideto Tanimoto, General Manager, Bemberg.

Swipe through for a glimpse of this upcoming collection:

Hemang Agrawal
Hemang Agrawal
Hemang Agrawal
Hemang Agrawal