Here Are Some Fun Facts About The June Birthstones & The Jewellery To Go With Them Advertisement

Here Are Some Fun Facts About The June Birthstones & The Jewellery To Go With Them

Gemini season!

By Ruman Baig  June 2nd, 2021

Birthstones are precious stones that signify a connection to a person’s birth month. Every month has a designated stone(s) with inherent meaning and reasoning etched to it. Some months have more than one birthstones because of the rarity of these gemstones that makes their availability difficult. June, for instance, has three birthstones: Alexandrite, pearl and moonstone.

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Interesting Facts About Moonstone, Pearl And Alexandrite

While Pearls and moonstones have an interesting history, Alexandrite was found only a few decades ago. They geographically come from different parts of the world. Pearls are commonly found in the waters in China, Japan, French Polynesia, Australia and the Philippines. Moonstones are exported from India, Brazil and The United States. Alexandrite is scavenged exclusively from the mountains of Russia and Brazil.

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All three have a symbolic meaning attached to them. Pearls are associated with the moon and water because of its appearance and inception, and it stands for purity and love. Moonstones are popularly believed to be created from moonbeams. Although it may look ordinary at first sight, it glows up differently when the light hits the spot. It brings the wearer good fortune, love and affection (Geminis, God knows you need all three). Originally found in Russia, alexandrite changes colours due to its pleochroic property. Alexandrite represents good luck and eternal love; hence it’s often integrated as a part of the engagement ring.

Jewellery  To Buy According To The Gemini Birthstones

1. Pearl And Moonstone Necklace 


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What’s better than one birthstone in your jewellery? Two gemstones! This dainty necklace by Alielier Mon Jewellery has a gold plated chain with freshwater pearls and moonstones neatly etched into it.

2. Alexandrite Stud Earrings 


Alexandrite jewellery isn’t commonly found in India because of the scarcity of this gemstone. If you’re a Gemini and want this birthstone in jewellery form that isn’t necessarily an engagement ring, opt for this cushion cut, alexandrite stud earrings.

3. Moonstone Earrings 


Birthstone jewellery doesn’t have to be fine and fragile. These moonstone and pearl jhumkas by Biba are a perfect addition to a Gemini’s traditional jewellery box.

4. Zodiac Pearl Ring


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If you’re a Gemini and a horoscope geek or know one, this is the ideal jewellery to buy or gift them. Misho’s zodiac pearl jewellery is unconventional in design and has a unique take on traditional pearl jewellery.

5.  Pearl Necklace Stack  

Another interesting way of wearing a pearl necklace the modern way is by stacking it with a pendant (evil eye) in the centre. Add a dainty chain in the middle to break up the chunk and you have an unusual jewellery look created with pearls.

July, you’re next. Wait for all the fascinating birthstone facts and jewellery to go with it.