Here’s How The Food Industry Is Coming Forward To Help During The COVID Crisis

Ever since we have been battling the dangerous second wave of COVID-19, we have seen the power of our community to be much stronger than ever. Due to the lack of resources, everyone is stepping forward to do their bit and help as much as they can, whether it is spreading information on social media or donating to organisations for relief resources. And now, we’re also seeing the food industry come forward.

1. COVID Meals For India By Saransh Goila

Founder of the popular Goila’s Butter Chicken chain, Saransh Goila rose to the occasion when he started a website COVID Meals for India and brought together home chefs across the country under one roof so that they could send meals to patients. “ is simply connecting Covid patients who need home-cooked food with home chefs, kitchens and volunteers. While we have curated about 1500 service providers over 50 cities it feels like it’s just the tip of the iceberg as the number of enquiries we’re getting with the rapid rise in cases across India is not being matched. There are also many cities and areas that aren’t listed, yet. So spread the word with whoever wants to help no matter where in India (if your city has Covid it means there are people who need home meals),” shared Saransh while making an appeal to his followers on Instagram.


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His team also released a spreadsheet that is constantly updated within 30-60 min and includes details from around 12 states and 25 cities.

2. 1 Billion Breaths For India

Indian restaurants from across the globe have come together for a campaign called 1 Billion Breaths to raise awareness and COVID funds for India. Through this initiative, some restaurants from the USA, UK, Canada and Peru will be offering meals that are priced to supply 10kg of oxygen. A hundred per cent of the proceeds will go to its partner foundations, Hemkunt Foundation and Give India Oxygen. So, you can buy a delicious meal between may 23-30 and help raise $25,000 to provide on-the-ground support in India or even donate directly to the cause.


3. Cooks For A Cause By Chef Hussain Shahzad

Executive Chef of The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro, Hussain Shahzad is bringing together chefs to ‘Cooks For A Cause’ to raise COVID relief funds. They will be donating 100% of the proceeds to an NGO of their choice. The idea is to create a meal box on their day off and have it delivered the same day. They would cook freestyle with no images for people to see but just a menu to rely on. Chef Hussain kickstarted the first Cooks For A Cause with chef Harsh Dixit, chef Gresham Fernandes and chef Prateek Sadhu with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Hemkunt Foundation. One can expect local, fun, seasonal produce but also see a mix of their cooking styles and personalities in each dish. Cooks For A Cause will happen twice a month. 


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