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What Elle India’s editors are obsessing over right now

From Queer Eye to Virgil Abloh

By ELLE team  June 28th, 2018

Lunch time discussions at ELLE HQ usually revolve around the coolest new TV shows, best fashion finds and well, food. So, what are our curators of cool obsessing over this week? 

From international sensation Queer Eye to the ultimate beauty tool — Foreo Iris eye massager — and constellation ear piercings, here’s everything keeping our spirits up in this gloomy weather.

Supriya Dravid, editor

Warlight by Michael Ondaatje: For its dexterous prose, brilliant storytelling, and soulful in its rendition.

Black Cat by Christopher Myers: This is totally crazy, dark kid's book — filled with photo-collage artwork with a sprinkling of hip-hop.

Blockers: I finally saw the film and loved it. Perfect in-flight entertainment. I also loved Geraldine's performance, and so happy that her first big shoot was for ELLE India. Read more about her in our July issue.



Malini Banerji, Fashion Director

Shoes from Gray Matters - There is always room for versatile, sculptural shoes. The Mildred Egg Mule Caramello is on my wishlist.

Rithika Merchant's "Divine Bodhi" artwork for Chloe

De Gournay's hand-painted wallpapers – They're timeless and exquisite.

Mrudul Pathak Kundu, National Creative Director

Taxi ceilings of Mumbai's kaali-peelis - From kitschy fruit platters to floral prints, these are surely worth looking up.

Mamta Mody, beauty editor

Antoni Porowski's Instagram feed (@antoni): I went there looking for the Queer Eye star’s wholesome food picture, but what I found was even better... 

Foreo Iris Eye Massager: The battery-operated tool is a true luxury if you wake up with puffy eyes, get stress headaches or just need a gentle face massager.

Constellation ear piercings: I’ve been building up courage to get my 7th ear piercing, all thanks to pictures of these dainty, minimalist, cluster earrings.

Serena Menon, Managing editor

Irrfan Khan's upcoming movie, Karwaan: Irrfan is the best we have, and the promo once again proves why. I've watched it a few times and laughed out loud at his parts. Can't wait to watch it, and hear news of his health steadily improving.

Hannah Gadsby's Netflix special, Nanette: Recommendations for this Australian comic's special have been pouring out of every post and platform since it came out. I've read every critique, every post about it, and from the little I've seen of it, it's all been on-point. Looking forward to finishing it.




Neville Bhandara, Features Editor

Season two of Netflix's Queer Eye: It's such a feel-good show, it's hard not to feel involved in the on-screen transformations (both internal and external). Heck, it even motivated me to dig out some clothes I bought ages ago and never wore.

Lapsang souchong: The rains are here and there's nothing better than a steaming mug of tea. This rich and smoky blend from McNulty's in New York is my current go-to.


Rochelle Pinto, Digital Editor

Charles Pierce's political commentary — His caustic wit and ingenious nicknames (He routinely refers to Donald Trump as a "vulgar talking yam") would make for a stand-up comedy blockbuster, if it wasn't so real. 

Bar soaps with cutesy wrappers – 10 minutes in the shower is all the me-time I get in a day, but lately I've been trying to clean up my act by getting rid of plastic bottles and packaging as far as possible. Anthropologie's range of bar soaps is truly adorable. 

Rahul vIjay, Fashion editor

Virgil Abloh’s success story — It only proves that it’s a wonderful time to be in fashion right now. Words like hope, freedom and inclusivity finally hold relevance.

Fitness/running — I would have never thought I would succumb to waking up every morning for a run. However, as I turned 30 I realised it was time for me to look fit and feel better. It makes me feel happy. Also, I have finally invested in a pair of running shoes.