Here's Why Dharana Shillim Should Be Your Choice Of Retreat For A Wellness Getaway Advertisement

Here’s Why Dharana Shillim Should Be Your Choice Of Retreat For A Wellness Getaway

Bookmark this destination for the next long weekend!

By Ruman Baig  October 8th, 2021

Located in the laps of the beautiful Sahyadri Mountain range, Dharana at Shillim is ideal for a peaceful getaway. One and a half hours into our 3-hour drive, we bid the bustling Mumbai traffic adieu. The luscious green pathway of  Lonavala and Khandala paved the way to the ultimate scenic route. As we drove uphill from the famous Tiger Point, the roads got narrower and steeper, with heavy downpours adding to the chaos. With a slow and steady pace and road-trip music for company, we finally made it to our destination for the weekend. One look at the breathtaking view and we already forgot our travel woes. For the next three days, we remained disconnected from the outside world – soaking in the various experiences that the 3,000 acres of oasis had in store for us.

Dharana reception at Hilton Shillim 

After a warm welcome and a smooth check-in, we settled in the Dharana pool villa. Concealed within a mini forest of its own, the luxurious accommodation came with a spacious bedroom, living room, a private pool and a jacuzzi. The glass door detailed villa had the perfect blend of modern and vintage interiors. The four-poster bed in the ensuite across the sage coloured walls depicted a subtle old-world charm, while the lounging area looked contemporary with sleek wooden decor.

First stop, we met their resident naturopath manager, Dr Sudha Nair. In a brief chat, she assessed our health and created a customised itinerary for our wellness journey. We were even introduced to nutritionist Gaurai Sule, who drafted a personalised diet for us that was anti-inflammatory and good for the gut. The session further helped us understand our personal health goal with a crystal clear guideline to achieve it.

Next up was unwinding with tailor-made Ayurveda therapies, eating alkaline thalis and practising Yoga Nidra – sounds relaxing? It was! I opted for a head massage, and for the next one hour, every cell in my brain thanked me in unison. A faintly lit room filled with aromatic scents further elevated with the soothing sound of rain – the peaceful combination helps you use all your senses even when you’re laying immobile on the massage table.

After 10 hours of tranquil snooze, day 2 began with a lake view trek. Supervised by a professional, the walk kicked off with a nature trail that effortlessly blended into a waterfall with a panoramic view. After a few hilarious falls (my knees are fine) due to my lack of athletic skills, I managed to take a tine plunge into the stream and sat in buddha pose under the force of running water. An exhilarating start to our day was made even more pleasant with another hour of the spa. For the remainder of our time, we attended meditation sessions, practised Pranayama and scaled the never-ending property by walking barefoot on the grass at length.

While changing your lifestyle isn’t a 2-day drill, escaping to a place like Dharana Shillim helps you find that starting point. Their programmes are designed for you to ease into this transformation. After two years of nesting at home with limited or no access to travel, this place helps you get rid of the fatigue that has settled in. If you’re looking for a travel destination that will help you rejuvenate from within, Dharana Shillim should be on your radar.