Hidesign’s Paris Pondicherry collection is ideal for the modern day traveller

If you’re a seasoned traveller who’s always on the go, then Hidesign’s latest collection is just what you need. Inspired by two popular travel destinations, Pondicherry and Paris, the brand’s new range incorporates all the must-haves that are surely a part of your travel list. Think: durable leather sling bags, super soft shawls and easy-to-carry pouches.

ELLE spoke with José Lévy, the French designer who’s the brains behind the collection, to shed more light on it.

ELLE: Tell us the inspiration behind this collection.

José Lévy (JL): Travelling and the city of Pondicherry. I wanted to create some products that were easy to live with, luxurious, yet stylish. 

ELLE: What made you settle on Pondicherry and Paris? What are the similarities between the two cities?

JL: I love the diversity of different cultures and the way they influence each other. I have been to Pondicherry and I really loved walking on the streets and just looking around, listening to the various sounds and smelling the air. I think Indian culture is really fascinating and that has been a major influence for this collection. Pondicherry has a special space in the heart of all Frenchmen. In terms of similarities, both cities share a love of art and are seen as a travel destination.

ELLE: What’s new about this collection?

JL: The Pondicherry Paris collection products are designed for an international traveller. It includes all the little and necessary things that they might require to make the journey comfortable and chic. Team Hidesign especially created a brand new leather. It took us three months to just get it right. It’s called Milano — it’s extremely soft and smooth but very durable.

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ELLE: Tell us more about the prints and the designs you’ve incorporated in the collection.

JL: The prints and designs of the sky and clouds on the bags are inspired by the clear skies in Pondicherry. The main USP of this collection are the motifs that we have incorporated — the elephant trunk and rear, for example, which are part of the Indian imagery. And the garland of Jasmine flowers in the Elaine bag and Juliette wallets remind me of India’s beautiful women.

ELLE: How does this collection fit into the wardrobe of a modern day woman?

JL: With travel becoming an integral part of the modern day woman, this collection has the range of products that make travel a pleasure: the softest shawl to wrap yourself in when you feel the chill, big sunglasses that protect you from the desert sun, a range of pouches to organise your travel needs, the incredibly simple yet elegant valise that jumps straight out of the Orient Express to 21st century coolness. 

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