Beauty basics—where to apply highlighter

Twinkle twinkle in the night, what’s that thing that shines so bright? Highlighting is one make-up technique/trend that has beaten all other beauty trends. However, from applying highlighter on pretty much the entire face, to splashing glitter on every inch of the body, “highlighting” has lost its true meaning—focussing and accentuating those areas where light naturally hits the face. Going back to the basics, here are the seven zones you ACTUALLY need to highlight–no more, no less. 

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1. Cheekbones

Your cheekbones are one of the main areas that deserve that highlight. A light stroke of the product angled on your cheekbones are enough to make them glow. Just remember to blend it well so that the glow looks natural, rather than jarring.

2. Brow bones

There’s a reason why your eyeshadow palette comes with a nude shimmer! Applying a little shine on the brow bone will make those eyebrows stand out and look rather shapely. You can even add a little product above the brow bone.

3. Inner corner of the eye

Adding some shine to the inner corners of your eyes not only makes them look brighter, but can also help you mask tired peepers instantly.

4. Cupid’s bow

What’s a pout if it doesn’t pop? Fake the appearance of fuller lips by adding highlighter on the cupid’s bow, just above your lips.

5. Chin

Plump your pout even further! Illuminating your chin accentuates it, and makes your lips look even more luscious.

6. Tip of your nose

Fake the appearance of a slimmer nose by adding a little highlight to the tip of it.

7. Centre of forehead

A little highlight on the centre of your forehead will make your forehead appear smaller—especially if you’ve contoured around the temples.

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