5 apologies that went hilariously wrong

Don’t letter the simple 5-letter word fool you; saying sorry can be the most difficult thing for people. Whether it’s for something you’ve done by mistake or not, apologizing the right way is an art. There are a lot of ways to convey your contrition; you can write notes, you can come up with a grand gesture, or you can actually gather the courage to own up to your mistake face-to-face.

Clearly apologizing is tough and involves a lot of finesse and when it goes wrong, it goes wrong. Take for instance, these attempted apologies that went hilariously wrong.

[Gallery id=”92″]

These people could take a lesson or two from Max Fashions on what to do when you mess up royally:

[ResponsiveYoutubeIframe Link=”yihNrexwFFM” AspectRatio=”embed-responsive-16by9″ Autoplay=”1″]


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