Hilton Shillim is your perfect weekend getaway Advertisement

Hilton Shillim is your perfect weekend getaway

Nestled amidst lush green mountains

By Shweta Gandhi  November 10th, 2017

Wellness is a state of mind — especially when you’re surrounded by the unadulterated quietude of the Western Ghats. Three hours away from the city of Mumbai lies the impressive 320-acres property of the Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa, where we had the opportunity to stay for a weekend.

Designed as a sanctuary for the mind, body and soul, our itinerary for the wellness programme covered all three aspects in varying degrees — a foot massage as a welcoming tradition with a talented flutist playing; calorie-measured, organically-cooked lunches and dinners; a dosha (Ayurvedic science revolves around the 3 doshas of vata, pitta and kapha) consultation with the in-house wellness expert; a spa treatment; a wine tasting; a forest walking trail; an early morning yoga class; a chakra crystal healing meditation session; a night of star-gazing and full moon meditation. 

Meditation on Shillims Peak 920 meters
Meditate in the mountains

The highlight, however, was the time we spent with the visiting master Ashtar Tashi. A psychic and spiritual guide, Ashtar specialises in guiding you about your soul’s purpose through one-on-one sessions. Even if you’re a skeptic, Ashtar’s optimism and upbeat attitude will help you transcend the daily stresses of a busy life.

If you’re looking to detox and take a step towards a healthier lifestyle, go for the Dharana Life Science Wellness programme. “This programme helps you consciously move towards achieving a specific goal you may have — whether it is learning a new lifestyle or simply focussing on various aspects of wellness,” says Dr. Arun Pillai, director of spa and wellness. “The uniqueness is that these programmes are not regimented — we follow a life-changing educative model where you understand the scientific reasons behind each therapy we prescribe. This helps you gain a high level of self-confidence that empowers you with knowledge that you can apply even once the programme is over.”

SPA scrub
A spa scrub at Hilton Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa

While you’re on the programme, you will be served fresh food that is sustainably sourced from Hilton Shillim’s very own organic garden. From spices and herbs to fruits and vegetables, everything is home-grown — even the honey, which is as natural as it can get, is locally sourced from the Shilimb forest. “Our holistic cuisine philosophy has firm roots in age-old traditions which restore and maintain health and vitality,” executive chef Shubhendu Kadam tells us. “We offer specific lean menus and detox menus that can be customised according to you,” he continues. So whether you’re vegan or a die-hard non-vegetarian, you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Wellness Cuisine 1
Organically-cooked food

As for the room, expect a lavish villa overlooking the mountains. What else could you ask for?

Deluxe Valley View
A deluxe villa with a view of the valley

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