7 tips to fight ageing and skin damage, according to Hollywood’s top expert

Facialist, esthetician and skincare connoisseur Shani Darden knows a thing or two about keeping your skin looking good. As one of the most popular go-to facialists to the stars (her clientele include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jessica Alba and Emmy Rossum), Darden is an expert on how to get and maintain a celebrity-level glow. She helps half of Hollywood put their best complexions forward on the red carpet, but her favourite mask can be found in a supermarket.

We quizzed her on her number one tips, anti-ageing and her favourite products.

It’s never too early to start protecting your skin against ageing

“I recommend incorporating retinol into your routine in your early twenties, but even as kids, sunscreen is our earliest form of protection. Sun damage is extremely hard to reverse later in life, so I never leave the house without applying SPF. I love Control Corrective’s Oil Free Sunscreen SPF 30.”

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Retinol is amazing for anti-ageing

“It helps to reduce fine lines, boost collagen, alleviate pigmentation and improve skin texture. I created my Retinol Reform serum as a gentle yet effective alternative to other options on the market that were too harsh on my clients’ skin. But you need to build up your retinol use gradually. It can be drying so start by using it one night a week, then add a night each week as your skin can tolerate it.”

Your have to adjust your skincare routine as you age

“As you get older, your hormones change, so the products you used in your twenties may no longer be suitable in your thirties. The most common mistake I see people make is using the wrong products for their skin type, which can clog pores and cause congestion. I recommend consulting with an aesthetician or dermatologist to create a skincare routine that’s perfectly suited to you.”

Air purifiers offer great skincare benefits

“They capture particles in the air—like dust and bacteria—before they make contact with your skin to help alleviate irritation and dryness, reduce acne, slow down the ageing process and improve skin tone. I have a Dyson Pure Hot+Cool  Link in my house. I’m obsessed!”

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It’s important to let a product absorb into your skin before layering on the next one

“This allows each ingredient to penetrate and be as effective as possible.”

I swear by light, at-home chemical exfoliants

“Dr Dennis Gross peel pads are my go-to—they help to remove dead cells from the surface of your skin and give you an amazing glow.”

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For a DIY facial, start by cleansing your skin with a gentle yet hardworking cleanser

“Next, apply an at-home chemical exfoliant so ingredients are better absorbed. Finish with a hydrating mask. Garnier makes amazing sheet masks. I also love Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes for removing makeup. They’re made with silk fibres, so they’re super soft.”

I incorporated LED therapy into every facial

“It fights wrinkles, kills bacteria that causes acne and accelerates healing after extractions. My favourite at-home options are the Déesse mask and LightStim handheld device.”

This feature originally appeared in the October issue of ELLE Australia.


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