Home decor tips to make your space look high-end on a budget

The idea of decorating your own space can be a bit daunting and extremely exciting at the same time. Your Pinterest board comes alive every time you go shopping, enticing you to fill up your cart. But the laughter riot that some of our pay checks are, the dream home is still many moons away. For when the YouTube DIY tutorials have failed you and that gorgeous yellow side table is not pocket-friendly, these easy and affordable home decor tips will make sure you can still give your place a makeover.

We spoke to Rukmini, who runs the décor blog, Trumatter. Over the years, she has turned her New Bombay rental apartment into a canvas for her gorgeous interior experiments. Rukmini gives us 5 tips that have made her life easy and if we were you, we’d follow this to the tee!

1. Adopt plants:
Pick up a low-maintenance plant to add a calming vibe to an otherwise cluttered room. For instance, aloe vera, money plant and bamboo plants thrive indoors and grow well with basic care and watering. A breath of freshness is much-needed, especially in tiny city apartments.

2. Make fairy lights your friend:
Fairy lights have the golden touch of making everything look oh-so-pretty! String them up on the window or wind it on the shelf–this time, lights will not only guide you but will definitely make you feel at home.

3. Think storage seatings:
A good hack is to invest in a box that can also be used to sit on. A vibrant coloured chest which can double up as a shelf or a seating space.

4. Repurpose old dupattas:
Or even sarees as curtain drapes. Now, that’s a tip that will last you a lifetime.

5. Go the thrift shop way:
Spend some time loitering inside thrift shops and you’ll find gems that are inexpensive but will spruce your apartment right up. An old vase, a forgotten tapestry, candles, rugs and more!

home decor tips

In addition to these tips by Rukmini, you can also add a mirror in the room and go for pastel hues to dress up the space. It’ll work like a charm, for sure. Also, remember to not hang your curtains low as they make the room look even smaller than it is. Keeping storage on top of cupboards, closer to the ceilings is also a big no-no.

So, go ahead and have fun doing up your space with these handy home decor tips.

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