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4 beauty lifesavers you can find in your kitchen

Your pantry packs a bigger beauty punch than you think

By Anjan Sachar  November 30th, 2016

A TV journalist turned yogi and author, Ambika Behal learned to listen to the grown-ups the hard way. After finding a cure to her out-of-control skin allergies in her grandmother’s homemade potions, she went (almost entirely) natural and revealed her findings in Honest Beauty: One Good Idea Every Day for a Happier, Healthier You. The health fanatic takes you through kitchen ingredients you’ll definitely come to love.

Coconut oil

“It’s an amazing multi-tasker that hydrates skin, takes off make-up and even works as a highlighter.” You can also use it while shaving and for deep conditioning.

Raw cocoa nibs

“I love sprinkling these on anything from waffles to toast and cereal for a boost of energy and a delicious dark chocolate flavour.” They are super rich in anti-oxidants and prevent signs of premature ageing on skin. Cocoa also promotes blood flow that results in healthy and glowing skin and hair.

Tulsi tea

“You’ll always find Organic Harvest tea bags with me; they relieve headaches and boost my immune system.” Tulsi tea can help you fight acne by killing bacteria and infections. It can also be used to cure bad breath and cavities.

Cocoa butter

“I carry a little tub of my homemade version (a blend of raw cocoa butter and peppermint oil) to treat rashes or dry cuticles. Since it doesn’t melt quickly, I can travel with it too.”