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Homegrown Labels That You Can Turn To For Menstrual Hygiene Products

From eco-friendly sanitary napkins and tampons to menstrual cups and more

By Isha Mayer  May 28th, 2021

Menstrual Hygiene Day is celebrated globally every year to educate people about the importance of menstrual hygiene, remove the stigma around it, encourage more open conversations, and make products more accessible for every woman. To do our bit and celebrate it this year, we thought of bringing to your notice some of the homegrown labels that make sustainable sanitary pads and tampons, menstrual cups, period panties and more. Bookmark these brands if you’re on the lookout for any particular menstrual hygiene product.  

1. Sanitary Pads

Here’s a list of brands making natural, biodegradable and rash-free sanitary pads for a safe, happy period.

Carmesi Sensitive And Carmesi Eco-Conscious
Each product is available in a pack of 10, 30 and 120 and is made from natural, biodegradable fibres for rash-free periods. 
Price: Carmesi Sensitive pack of 10 for INR 130, pack of 30 for INR 375 and pack of 120 for INR 1,400; Carmesi Eco-Conscious pack of 10 for INR 200, pack of 30 for INR 585, pack of 120 for INR 2,250
Azah - Box Of 30 Sanitary Pads
Made with organic fabrics, Azah's pads come in two sizes: Regular (day use) and XL (night use) along with a convenient, sealed biodegradable disposal bag. Both sizes can absorb light to heavy flow.
Price: INR 519
Sparkle Banana Fibre Sanitary Pads
The pack of 7 is made from biodegradable and compostable banana fibre, bamboo fibre and corn starch. And the best part is that it comes with individual travel-friendly bags for hassle-free disposal. 
Price: INR 149
Nua Sanitary Pads
Coming in three different sizes as per your flow, Nua's ultra-thin pads have a wider back, no toxins and individual disposable covers. 
Price: Starts at INR 199
Pee Safe Reusable Sanitary Pads
The cloth pads made from a breathable fabric have a powerful soaking layer, buttons for sealing the pad and easily bendable layers. The advantage of reusable pads is that they can last for a year if taken care of properly. 
Price: Pack of 3 regular pads + 1 night pad for INR 499, pack of 6 regular pad + 2 night pads for INR 998
The Woman's Company Day Pad And Night Pad
These biodegradable sanitary pads are super soft and are made using certified organic cotton making the chances of getting a rash much lesser.
Price: INR 279
Heyday Natural Sanitary Pads
Made from bamboo and corn fibres, each Heyday pad lasts for 8-10 hours and has anti-leakage side barriers. 
Price: All Night Long XXL (for extra heavy flow with wings) for INR 299; Maxi Fluff XL (for heavy flow with wings) for INR 195
Sanfe Rash Free Bamboo Sanitary Pads Duo Pack - Day + Night Pads
100% organic, these pads are made from the bamboo core and are free of chemicals, plastic, parabens and chlorine. Its thin, absorbent material will help keep you dry even during heavy flows. 
Price: INR 598
Noraa Sanitary Pads
The 100% biodegradable and natural sanitary napkins come in a pack of 12. It also has a special absorbent core and comes with a hassle-free disposal. 
Price: INR 249
Saathi Super Saver Banana Fibre Pads (Pack Of 30)
It includes 12 overnight pads (for heavy flow) for your hassle-free, comfortable sleep and 18 XL pads (for regular and medium flow). 
Price: INR 757.50


2. Tampons

If you prefer using tampons, bookmark this list of homegrown labels.

FLOH Tampons - Regular 
Made from a combination of cotton and rayon, these tampons come with a high absorption capacity for a hassle-free period. Its bullet shape aids in easy insertion, which gently expands to fit your body. 
Price: INR 115 (Available on Nykaa)
The Woman's Company Tampons - With And Without Applicator 
The super-soft tampons are made of certified organic cotton. One set comes with a one-time-use cardboard applicator that is completely biodegradable. The other set without the applicator has an absorbent core with a removable cord sewn into it. Both ensure comfort and high absorbency. 
Price: INR 599 (with applicator) and INR 499 (without applicator)
Pee Safe Biodegradable Tampons 
Available in regular, super and super plus sizes depending on your flow. The 100% organic cotton tampons are free of chlorine, bleach, dyes and other synthetic substances.
Price: INR 279 for regular, INR 320 for super
Sanfe Power Duo - Day + Night Tampons-No Leakage Throughout The Day ( Pack Of 16 Each)
The 100% organic and soft cotton tampons ensure clean and dry periods.
Price: INR 598

Sirona Heavy Flow Organic Cotton Tampons (18 Tampons)
Designed to be easily inserted during menstruation and absorb the menstrual flow, Sirona's 100% organic cotton tampons are made up of a compressed layer of highly absorbent fibres. It has various features like individual packing and twist-turn opening to save the tampon from any deformity. It's drip-proof quality prevents your clothes from getting stained.
Price: INR 427


3. Menstrual Cups

Many people have made a shift towards using menstrual cups due to their long-lasting and cost-effective characteristics. It’s also a more sustainable alternative due to its reusability. If you’ve made the shift or planning to start using menstrual cups, here’s a list of brands making it in medical-grade silicone.

Menstrual Hygiene
Boondh Menstrual Cup 
Every Boondh cup comes in a standard size and can be used by menstruators of all ages. The cup holds between 15-22 ml of blood. You can sterilize the cup in boiling water at the beginning and end of the menstrual phase of the cycle. 
Price: INR 700
Menstrual Hygiene
Heyday Reusable Menstrual Cup
Available in two sizes, Heyday claims that its menstrual cups are reusable for up to 8 years and wearable for 10 hours. Menstrual Cup Large (for heavy flow) holds 45–50 ml fluid and is ideal for women who have delivered whereas Menstrual Cup Medium (for light to regular flow) holds 25-30 ml and is suitable for first-time users. 
Price: INR 499 for both
Menstrual Hygiene
Shecup Reusable Menstrual Cup
This label provides two types of cups - Shecup L (longer stem) and Shecup C (classic knob stem). While the former is suitable for beginners and also gives better grip due to its long stem, the latter is designed to suit women at different menstruating ages.
Price: INR 1,500 for Shecup L and INR 1,320 for Shecup C
Menstrual Hygiene
The Woman's Company Menstrual Cup 
The FDA-approved cup is available in a small and large size for you to choose as per your flow and comfort. 
Price: INR 550 for both
Pee Safe Reusable Menstrual Cup
The economical product provides up to 12 hours of protection, can hold up to 26 ml of blood and is available in 3 sizes - extra small, small and large. 
Price: INR 499 for each size.

Sirona Reusable Menstrual Cup With Pouch
Apart from being efficient enough to collect menstrual blood for up to 8 hours, the reusable cup is also toxin-free and allergy-free, which doesn't cause rashes or itchiness. 
Price: INR 399

Sanfe Reusable Menstrual Cup
Made without latex, plastic, dye, and any other harmful chemicals, Sanfe's cup is a great alternative to other menstrual hygiene products. It is manufactured in three different sizes as per your age group. 
Price: INR 499


4. Period Panties

Designed to replace pads and tampons, period panties are undergarments for you to wear during your period. Although some women prefer wearing them on their days of lighter flow, these panties come with extra layers for better absorption. You can wash and re-wear them, making them a long-lasting and cost-friendly buy. Comfortable with period panties, or don’t mind trying them? Take note of these brands selling them in India.

Soch Green Period Panty 
The reusable, washable and leakproof period panty can last up to 70 washes. It protects against light flow, spotting, discharges, and if used with menstrual cups or tampons, it can also take care of leaks if any. The label claims that there is no need to wear a sanitary napkin. However, if you have very heavy flow or have excessive bleeding after delivery, it is suggested to opt for their extra inserts or interlabial cloth pads for protection.
Price: INR 550

Safecup Period Panties
This product can be used with and without pads, tampons or menstrual cups. It can hold up to 1.5 times a sanitary napkin. If you're wearing the underwear only, it works for 10 hours on normal flow and 6-8 hours on heavy flow, but if you use it with a sanitary pad or any added protrction, then it goes for 12 hours.
Price: INR 799

Healthfab® GoPadFree™ Leak-Proof Reusable Cotton Period Panty
The bran's eco-friendly and biodegradable panty lasts for 2 years. Its multi-layered structure and use of high-quality cotton fabric makes it hygienic by design and keeps you free from odour.
Price: INR 2,099

Lead Images: Amelia Flower, Honey Pot Company (via Pinterest)