Hormonal imbalance? Chew on this

It starts off with some period trouble in your teens and can go on to mess with the lady-bits for the rest of your reproductive life. Diabetes, infertility and even an increased risk of uterine cancer has been associated with poly-cystic ovarian syndrome. A study last year, conducted by the path lab chain Metropolis Healthcare, found that 1 in every 10 Indian women suffers from PCOS. So why are our hormones so out of whack?

According to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar, hormones are not the villains of the piece. The problem is that we’ve stopped listening to our bodies and are plying it with toxins in the form of stress and bad food. Everything from an unsatisfying breakfast to a dysfunctional relationship can throw your system off course, says Diwekar. In her latest health manual, The PCOD-Thyroid Book, she tackles the escalating modern-day phenomenon of hormonal imbalance by reaching for traditional wisdom. It’s the same homespun, common-sense wisdom that propelled her first book, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight, to the top of the best-selling charts in 2009. Here are a few tips from her most recent book that focuses on righting your hormonal imbalance using nothing but food, exercise and stress management.

1. Bananas and milk been MIA from your diet? These ‘fatty foods’ are actually rich in iodine and manage hypothyroidism.
2. There’s nothing wrong with wheat rotis and white rice when balanced well with your other food groups. This, in fact, helps keep your thyroid in check.
3. Over-exercising worsens a thyroid problem. Stick to cardio with one day of weight-training in the week.
4. Avoid overcooking or reheating food — it depletes its nutritional value. Even soups and dals are best had fresh.
5. Stress can manifest itself as high TSH or high fasting sugar levels. Find a doctor who can interpret your test results holistically. A family GP, or anyone who has taken the time to acquaint themselves with your family history and general health, is ideal. 

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