A very special love horoscope in honour of Valentine's Day Advertisement

A very special love horoscope in honour of Valentine’s Day

Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

By Ashtar Tashi  February 11th, 2019

This week, the planets are getting hot and heavy, emotionally. Just before the New Moon on February 4, we entered a new playing field; we were made to rise to  more responsible role that we had to abide by, especially in our relationships. We were made to realise that our love life and our work place dynamics are a two-way (or a multi-lane highway, as the case may have been) rather than being just about us!

More change is on its way; prepare for a red-hot Valentine’s Day! Ignite sudden passions and take control of how you want to play the game of love. For some, new love lines drawn and, for others, it could be battle royalé. So keep the anger buttons on mute and do not get riled up over small things. Be pragmatic and practical; ask yourself what you really want. Will these things matter a few weeks from now? With Mercury having entered Pisces, you might be tempted to live in denial about some hard-hitting truths. Don’t do that! Use this time of divine inspirations wisely and allow love to blossom gently. 

Here’s your guide to navigating the second, and definitely most romantic, week of February: 


Goddess White Tara says this week is all about being sensitive. Closely related to the message for Ariens, Taureans too need to pay heed to their own personal heart-state right now. Love everything about who you are. Love yourself with your flaws and your frailties. You are special. Even though you put on a brave front in adversities, sometimes it’s okay to go soft and bare your wounds. If it takes a little extra effort to shed your walls, well, this time around just make that effort. Someone will come and wrap their arms around you and make you feel loved. You can play your part by being sensitive to the needs of your loved ones. You don’t have to be the tough guy (or gal) every single time. Be a good listener and offer some heartfelt advice to a friend or significant other, when they need it. Don’t try and be the boss this week; be the gentle, sweet lover instead.

Flower Power: For their secretly sensuous side, white lilies would be the perfect flowers to gift to your Taurean partner. Their majestic beauty and dramatic form would appeal to this earth sign, as would contrasting delicate flowers like a bunch of of sweet peas or wild lavender. 



Goddess Sedna blesses Aquarians with unlimited powers. This week, they get to enjoy all that they desire—romances, exciting news, new work, new friends.  Just about anything and everything they want, can be theirs. The goddess of infinite supply is happy to grant them their wishes. It’s time to enjoy your life. Let go of worries this week and have fun. There’s no point being serious or sad. Things come and go and people move on. What stays with us are sweet memories and experiences of joy. Find joy in little things so that the universe finds more reasons to give you even more happiness. It is that simple.

Flower Power: Aquarians will be pleased with all things exotic and special this week, like Birds of Paradise or even with a single stem or two of pretty pink orchids.


Goddess Yemanya promises you 7 days filled with magic. Do you know you have the qualities of a magician this week? You can harness all your powers and manifest them into golden opportunities. Make plans for all your dreams and get down to working towards them. Of course you are expected to work hard but you will be rewarded proportionately. So let go of hesitation and self-doubt, and put your best foot forward.  This is the time to look beyond your weaknesses. Focus on your strengths. Ask for help and guidance and it shall be given. Stop wasting precious time. These doors of good fortune shall be opened just for you. Walk through without stopping now. This is your moment. Your moment to love, to make money, to be successful, to make relationships work, to heal situations… You name it, it’s yours. You have the Midas Touch right now.  

Flower Power: Please the sensuous Scorpio with the power of red. Give them a potted red hibiscus plant to lift their mood instantly!


Goddess Sekhmet gives you the power this week; the power of knowing how strong you are and whatever seems like a huge challenge normally, isn’t actually that big after all. She reminds you that you are stronger than the problems you are facing. If you trust your abilities to overcome challenges you will surely make it through. Instead, if you choose to buckle under the pressure, it might become quite a task for you to rise up as quickly as you would like. Trust your instincts this week and don’t let anyone bring you down. Stay positive and charged about your abilities to conquer, and you shall. Life is not a bed of roses but then you can choose to plant them in your path. So that every time you walk past your garden, you will be blessed by the fragrance of your successes and achievements. You have worked hard to reach here and no one can take that away from you.

Flower Power: Make your Libran Valentine happier by giving them delicate yet sturdy hydrangeas in beautiful shades of pale blue and pink.


Goddess Aphrodite promises you the moon, should you choose to jump up and take it. To do that, all you have to do is feel worthy of all things special. Yes! Count your blessings but before that make a list of your goodness, talents and special abilities. No one is as nurturing as the kind and homely Cancerian. Believe in yourself and make love happen. You deserve it and you shall get it. Share your goodness with all those around you, and appreciate what you have. Welcome opportunities to shine this week, and show the world what you are made of. People will be attracted to you if you don’t feel small or hide in the wings. Be proud of your achievements and remember it’s your right to win the trophy, if there is one up for grabs. Go get it! 

Flower Power: Cancerians would love to be wooed with some fresh white chrysanthemums, tied together with delicate queen’s lace. 


Goddess Isis gives you a reminder that its okay to reminiscence about a love gone by or romance that may not have been in your favour. That shouldn’t stop you from loving again. After all, who promised you only one love in this lifetime? Be adventurous and let go of what has been. Instead, pay attention to what can be. Re-invent your love life this week. Let go of old pain and invest in making it work with a fresh new approach to love and life with your beloved. If the past is coming to haunt you, just do some voodoo (a.k.a. de-clutter!) and make it go away. 

Flower Power: For romantic Geminis, there's nothing like sweet ol’ roses. To show off just a little more, you could give them lovely daffodils or Lily of the Valley. By the way, perfumes and fragrances of these flowers will work just as well for Geminis



Goddess Aeracura, the powerful yet sweet energy of blossoming, embraces you with so much love. All you feel around you is love. Your friends, family, and lovers all wish to pamper you with special care. You see yourself blossom with a newfound enthusiasm for life. Live in the moment. Yes, sure this too shall pass but while its yours, make the most of it. This week shed off any webs of pessimism and go out into the sunlight. Forget your worries for a while and bask in all the attention. But remember it’s not only your right to receive the love, you must give it too. So while you bloom bright, make someone else’s week special as well. Share your blessings and be in gratitude. Then all shall work in your favour. 

Flower Power: Entice the significant Virgo in your life with daisies or a pot of velvety and richly coloured violets. 






Goddess Isolt reminds Pisceans that they are deeply loved. Yes, sometimes life seems unfair and they feel that they are in deep waters (though that is their happiest place) of sadness and grief about life. If you cannot pin-point what’s bothering you this week, you need to open up your heart and communicate with your loved ones. This is the week of love and what better time than now, to understand what’s happening in your life and its love chakras! So be receptive to embrace love that’s coming your way and also give your self to your loved ones. Don’t judge them, however tempted you might be to do so. Believe them when they tell you they love you. Inspite of all outer experiences, deep inside they love you and want you to love them back.

Flower Power: The best option is Asian Tiger Lilies of the smaller variety; they are delicate yet strong, and that would appeal to Pisceans.


Goddess Sulis invites the majestic Leos to explore their expressive side this week. Relaxing near water bodies would do them a world of good. Always being brave and looking after the brood can be a little tiring for these care-giving lions but they won't admit to it. So, take it easy this week. Enhance your creativity by learning a new sport. Refresh your energies by drinking more fluids and balancing the levels of energies through your mental, emotional and physical bodies. Let go of control for a change and do what water does: flow. Don’t hold yourself responsible for everything happening around you. Just take it easy and also allow others to relax and not be answerable to every demand of yours. Live and let live this week.  

Flower Power: This Valentines Day, charm your lion or lioness by gifting them some exotic & larger-than-life sunflowers. A bouquet of large dahlias in vibrant maroons would do the trick. 


Goddess Mary Magdalene asks you to be kind this week, both to yourself and to the one you love. Nothing feels better than being pampered and perhaps this week you can do that to self; buy yourself a Valentine's day gift without waiting for a significant other to give you one. One big lesson this week to be learnt is that self-love is the most important kind. So brush away the blues, forget what’s happened in the past and move on. If the love blooms don’t seem fresh any more, water and nourish them this week. However, if the love has wilted completely, its time to uproot the plants, fallow the land of your heart and till it afresh. Prepare for new saplings to grow and heal you. In short, get over the past and make a fresh start in your love life. No guilt, No pain, anger and resentment, just forgiveness.

Flower Power: If you are gifting flowers to your Aries friend/lover, brilliant red tulips would be the perfect choice. If you're feeling experimental, fiery red gladioli are also a good option. These would appeal to their love of bold gestures and also be slightly unexpected. The heady fragrance of a bouquet of Honeysuckle could also be appropriate for natives of this powerful sun sign.


Goddess Rhiannon is pushing natives of this sun sign to do their best because, this week, they can get whatever they desire. Just like Sagittarians and Scorpios before them, Capricorns too have major luck on their side this week. But guess what? There is fine print to this gift voucher from the universe! Is this really what you want? Have you put in all the hard work you needed to or have you taken short cuts? Be honest with yourself. If you have been sincere and actually know for sure that this is rightfully yours then nothing can stop you. Manifest your awards and rewards. Goddess Rhiannon gives you opportunities to shine this week so, if this is truly your moment, nothing can take away your sparkle.

Flower Power: Sweet-smelling jasmine flowers are the way to go! 


Goddess Ostara is calling you forth to plant new ideas into your universe this season and then wait for some amazing results in the near future. All investments of time, effort and money shall give you some good results. If you have been thinking of adding value to your work life with some new schemes, this would the right time to do so. Make a fresh start in your love life and also plan to bring a baby in this world if that’s your new dream. Perfect time for conception (babies, ideas, lovers, et al.), Ostara is blessing you so you can do whatever it is that you have been waiting for. Sow now, so you may reap the harvest sooner than expected.

Flower Power: Impress Sagittarians with white and/or pink carnations since they represent the long-lasting endurance and inner strength of character, of this sun sign.