Hot address: Jamie's Italian Advertisement

Hot address: Jamie’s Italian

Viva Italia, by way of Britain

By Simran Bhalla  November 4th, 2015

New Delhi now has an upscale counterpart to Gurgaon’s rustic Jamie’s Pizzeria. Jamie’s Italian has a larger space (albeit still in a mall), with warm sea-blue tiles lining the walls, elegant, minimal furniture, and a gleaming partially-open kitchen – though one wall is lined with plush red diner-style booths. Comfort is still Jamie’s calling card. The glass window at the front of the restaurant advertises its best feature: the machines used to roll fresh pasta – everything from fettuccine to pappardelle – in house.

The menu, too, is more extensive: a full shelf of pastas, some meaty mains and burgers, and several starters and side dishes. (There’s much more to drink, too, from cocktails to a wine list, though the bar isn’t yet open.) To begin with, we tried the day’s special, bruschetta generously topped with creamy mashed pumpkin and ricotta, enhanced with harissa sauce. Several of the meals at both of Jamie’s restaurants are a little spicier than they need to be; we no longer need to douse our dishes in desi seasonings. The superfood salad is a marriage of complex textures and tastes: avocado and beets, quinoa and broccoli, nutty grains and seeds, and a dollop of ricotta. Convinced we’d eaten our greens for the day, we moved on to small starter portions of the pastas. (Everything comes in a small and large size, though a small suffices for a light meal.) These were the standouts: a buttery, zesty prawn linguine, and a rich, wine-soaked pork Bolognese sauce with pappardelle.  It might have been too ambitious to attempt a main, and the breaded, fried chicken Milanese is not for the faint of heart (though it is one plate that could do with a dash of spice).

Jamie’s does justice to the concept of comforting, hearty, and family-friendly Italian food. The restaurant will lighten your pocketbook more than Jamie’s Pizzeria, but generous portions ensure you’ll leave with a full stomach (or tomorrow’s lunch).

Approx Rs. 2800 for a meal for two without alcohol.
Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj.