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Hot address: Smoke House Deli

Our favourite Delhi haunt has an egg-cellent menu addition

By ELLE team  April 6th, 2015

Our favourite Delhi haunt, Smoke House Deli, has a ‘Wonderful Egg’ menu – and it’s pretty much how it sounds. We started with the Mommy Style Akuri and Curry Benedict (a desi version of the authentic English egg) which offer a spicy twist on breakfast classics. While the akuri eggs pair perfectly with the fried bread and tangy tomato salsa, the Curry Benedict (poached eggs served with curried vegetables and sausages) reaffirm what we’ve always suspected: curry makes everything better.

When you’re looking for a bit more than just breakfast foods, trust the chef’s special SHD lamb and egg bake with yellow chilli pilaf. It’s wholesome, and pairs the delicate meat jus with the spiced rice beautifully. A lighter option, the smoked salmon kedgeree and boiled egg with a side of fried onions is also a good pick.

Of course, there are fail-safe dishes like: cheese and eggs, poached eggs with devilled baked beans and hash browns, classic steak and eggs with french fries and tomatoes and straw potato florentine with creamed spinach. Which brings us to the question: Why don’t we do more brinners? It’s about time.

The all-day Wonderful Egg menu is available until May 23 at Smoke House Deli outposts across the country.