Hot address: Talli Joe, London Advertisement

Hot address: Talli Joe, London

Chef Sameer Taneja – of Benares fame – whips up experimental Indian fare

By ELLE team  May 10th, 2016

Talli Joe is the newest Indian restaurant in London, anchored in Covent Garden. It offers small plates but a long drinks list. It’s inspired by many months of travel across India and fronted by chef Sameer Taneja, who previously worked at the Michelin-starred Indian restaurant, Benares. Their menu is a cool take on street fare: The Lawrence Road Kulcha, for instance, is a nod to the famous street in Amritsar known for its paneer-stuffed naan, but it’s topped with a generous helping of truffle ghee. The nostalgia-filled menu packs a few punches. If you’re willing to experiment, get their Day In Delhi cocktail – a mix of aged rum, lentil and rice syrup, biryani oil, and lime. Or play it safe with the Amma’s Special – a concoction of gin, cucumber, coriander, and lime based on India’s staple chutney. Either way, they’ve got the perfect recipe to happy Saturday nights, just pair everything with their Sindhi pickle and kela wafers.

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