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5 hottest male politicians around the world

The real leading men

By ELLE team  May 8th, 2017

Dream men come in many forms. Sometimes you can spot them protecting the world from an alien army, clad in otherworldly armour, while looking exactly like Chris Hemsworth. Other times, they present themselves in sharp suits making policies that affect the future of polar bears in the North Pole. Case in point, the newly elected French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron made history by becoming the youngest French president at the age of 39, quickly becoming France’s response to Canadian Prime Minister, and doer of nothing wrong ever, Justin Trudeau.

These world leaders make the roller coaster ride that is world politics in 2017 a slightly more bearable experience. As part of our good deed for today, we rounded up some of the hottest politicians from around the world, because why not? And 

Hottest male politicians around the world

Tim Harris, South Africa

If we didn't know better, we would be penning down letters to Shonda Rhimes to bring Dr McSteamy back to life on Grey's Anatomy and re-cast Tim Harris for the part while she's at it. The South African politician is not only known for his financial advisory skills, he was also a part of the team that took the first surf trip between Cape Town and London, by the West Coast route. 

Eduardo Leite, Brazil

Real-life Disney Prince Eduardo Leite was the mayor of Brazilian town Pelotas from 2013 to 2017. We don't know whether he breaks into song when he sees a beautiful princess asleep in woods or not, but we do know that he actively campaigned against corruption and introduced several groundbreaking healthcare reforms to his town. 

Emmanuel Macron, France

The newly elected president of France is getting worldwide attention, and it's not strictly limited to his progressive stance on LGBT and immigrant rights. The 39-year old Macron has become the youngest French president ever, and between him and Trudeau, has given the world more reasons to host a collective Good Looking World Leader-Off right now.

Justin Trudeau, Canada

When he is not casually championing for women's rights or giving the world an increased appreciation for yoga, Justin Trudeau spends time posing with baby pandas at the zoo and ruining future relationship prospects for you.

Enrique Peña Nieto, Mexico

His continual refusal to pay for the wall Trump had promised his voters, paired with his movie-politician looks, has made the current president of Mexico a fan favourite across the internet.