How does Nimrat Kaur keep her hair game so strong? Advertisement

How does Nimrat Kaur keep her hair game so strong?

...and other beauty secrets from the Homeland star

By Anjan Sachar  December 19th, 2015

The Homeland star and spokesperson for Wella Professionals, Nimrat Kaur, never fails to stun us with her beauty game – always on point! We chatted with Kaur at the launch of the Wella Professionals Elements range of haircare products and she let us in on a few of her hair secrets. 

ELLE: What’s a weird, but wonderful trick you’ve tried for your hair?

Nimrat Kaur: Egg yolk. It smells a bit funny but it’s the best thing ever. I use about two eggs yolks for my length and thickness and leave it on for a while and then I shampoo it once it dries off. 

ELLE: Who’s the one Hollywood celebrity who always gives you #HairGoals?

NK: Julia Roberts – there’s something so wild and unruly about her hair. She manages to look gorgeous with her hair just as is.

ELLE: What’s the one hair care trick you’ve learned from your mother?

NK: Using Amla and Reetha. My mother has always been all about natural ingredients and I’ve taken that on.

ELLE: What’s your signature red carpet look?

NK: It depends on what I’m wearing – I’m very attached to my look the first time I walked the Cannes red carpet for The Lunchbox in 2013. It’s my all-time favourite.

ELLE: What’s in your haircare arsenal?

NK: I use the Wella Professionals Elements range – the shampoo, conditioner and mask all work well for my scalp.

ELLE: What’s your favourite DIY party look?

NK: I don’t really do much. Sometimes I just put it in a ponytail and loosen it from the top a little to give it a messy look.

ELLE: You have beautiful and voluminous hair. How do you manage it?

NK: I brush it out using a hair serum and a blow dry to tame it.

ELLE: What hair accessories do you rely on to get you through bad hair days?

NK: Small clips. I use little tight pins to simply pin it back – you can create a small braid and pin it.


The Wella Professionals Elements range is now available at all leading salons across India.