How I Live My Best Life: Radhika Chopra, founder, No. 3 Clive Road

Radhika Chopra’s No. 3 Clive Road is more than just about artisanal teas. It brews a long-gone nostalgia and paints the picture of a bygone Delhi with which she started her luxury brand back in 2015. No. 3 Clive Road is the address of the home in Delhi where her father was born and shelters in it her memories of a childhood spent in a large family and a history shared by all her relatives. After having travelled the world, Radhika Chopra came back to her home base to discover traces of those beautiful old-world experiences, all with a cup of tea! With No. 3 Clive Road, Radhika Chopra delves into the world of everything aromatic and sensory with scented candles and custom tea blends. We asked the entrepreneur about her inspiration, the ethos which defines her brand, and her favourite brews:

On her typical day leading up to product launches:

Launching a new product requires an immense amount of prep-work – from creating the concept, sourcing ingredients, designing the packaging, sampling and resampling. The time leading up to a new product launch can be spent fine-tuning our story, preparing for a product shoot, calculating pricing and planning distribution.

On what she missed the most about India when abroad:

History, family connections and traditions, so I created a brand that encompasses all three.

On finding her calling:

I always wanted to start my own business and create a product, but I never had the courage to start.

On her favourite brew at the end of a tiring day:

For me, my mood for tea can be quite seasonal. In the winter months, when my immunity is low, I may have the Ayurvedic Blend, very lightly brewed. In the summer months, I enjoy a cold brew Nilgiri tea infused with the fruit of the season.

Radhika Chopra

On redefining tea-drinking habits in India:

It’s very difficult to change tea-drinking habits steeped in history (no pun intended!). But I am determined to create a beautiful brand that celebrates tea traditions from India with a modern sensibility.

On her creative influences:

I love beautiful packaging and I love a beautiful story behind a brand. I’m a serial Pinterest surfer for inspiration, and I love a good magazine.

On switching off:

When you are an entrepreneur, it’s almost impossible to switch off. I have to force myself these days to watch a movie or read a book in the evening. My morning runs are my time to switch off.

On being a planner or being impulsive:

I love to-do lists and planning ahead. If it’s on the list, it gets done. But with running a business, I’ve learned to be more flexible and tackle challenges as they come.

On the one thing she does to be productive:

I exercise five days a week before I start my day. It’s what keeps me going, gives me energy and helps me boost my immunity levels. Some mornings, I am simply not in the mood, but I make sure that I take it easy and move even just a little bit. Even during this lockdown, I make sure to exercise before I start my day. It’s super hard to stay motivated, but I remind myself that I need to be strong to get through this.

Photographs: Roopika Saran

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