How the adidas Ultraboost 19 can transform your running experience Advertisement

How the adidas Ultraboost 19 can transform your running experience

Looks good, feels even better

By Maanya Sachdeva  March 25th, 2019

Picture this: you wake up with your alarm, brew yourself a cup of coffee (still amazed that you’re up at this unearthly hour), decide to get your life back on track, put your running shoes on, and even make it out of the door. You’re standing on the promenade, you ambitiously set your timer to 30 minutes and put one foot in front of the other, till you’re running. You’re doing it, you’re actually doing it, but just then, you feel a stitch in your stomach. You need to stop. You look down at your watch, convinced it’s been at least 10 minutes, and groan. It’s been a minute and a half, and the stress on your body is already showing. The biggest testament to the adidas Ultraboost 19 (UB19), in my opinion, is that it delays the inevitable groan most part-time runners (like myself) let out after a long workout hiatus.

The shoe is engineered to make your runs last longer and, most importantly, feel better. So, if you’re getting back into running after a while, the latest Ultraboost may be able to help you stay the course (but don’t forget to bring consistency and incredible willpower along for the ride). I asked the captain of adidas Runners in Bengaluru (and pro-athlete), Ankita Gaur why that is and here’s what I found:

“The new UB19 is packed with 20% more ‘Boost’ in the midsole,” says Gaur. The sole of the Ultraboost is instantly recognisable; it is comprised of hundreds of white capsules, together called ‘Boost’, and the technology revolutionised the running experience when adidas launched it in 2013, worked into the design of the Energy Boost shoe.  

The new cage is softer and bends comfortably as the foot moves, giving a better lock down. “Additionally, the cushioning is great!”, Gaur adds. The athlete continues, “I recently took the shoe for a long run on the road and on a treadmill and it performed extremely well on both. My foot felt secured and locked, and I could feel the extra cushioning with lesser weight.  The noteworthy aspect is that it fits like a sock and gives a seamless experience.” This is because the prime knit, or the reason for the Ultraboost’s sock-like fit that Gaur is talking about, has been taken to another level altogether in this shoe. The cage is more premium, flexible and is made from mono mesh, unlike the UB19’s predecessors.

The greatest thing about the shoe (still talking to you, part-time runners and low-commitment workout buddies) is its versatility. Despite being a running shoe, the Ultraboost occupies a special place in the sneaker hall of fame because it looks pretty damn good. You can wear it with anything—from running gear to dresses—and it works. It’s stylish and supportive like the man, oops sneaker, of your dreams.

What more could a girl ask for? 

The adidas Ultraboost 19 is available in a few different colourways; the featured image showcases a limited edition version, the Refract colourway, that dropped on February 1, 2019.