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How India’s top models stay fit

You don't make it to the runway if you can't run

By ELLE team  August 17th, 2017

Sure, being a model looks cushy. The exotic destinations, the glamorous parties and all the fabulous clothes, but staying in shape is more work than it looks. Before you go off skinny-shaming models claiming they “don’t eat”, you may want to take a look at some of the fitness routines these girls go through regularly. You can’t not eat and then hit the barre, it’s modelling 101.

Fitness tips from India’s top models

Nidhi Sunil

Sunil has expressed her hate for the gym since her kalaripayattu days. We're not sure if she's abandoned the South Indian martial art but she has been dabbling in some aerial yoga of late. Nidhi is an accomplished yogini on a mat so it seems she's taking to the silk ropes with ease.   

Ashika Pratt

Ashika Pratt's life involves copious amounts of travel, translates to a fair amount of time working off room service in hotel gyms. Pratt seems to stay fairly active with street jogs or cycling in whichever city she's inhabiting. She had admitted that she doesn't get much time to work out so when she does, she works on her stomach or goes for a run.

Neelam Gill

Neelam's training routine has taken a dramatic turn from her early modelling days. Gill used to focus on remaining leaner using her diet, but according to her Instagram, she claims to have found a fitter alternative. Neelam has switched to boxing. She does a combination of boxing, abs and glutes at London-based gym, KoBox

Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi was crowned Miss India Universe in 2015 and not without some credit to physique. Rautela has credited her body to yoga, one pose in particular, Vrschikasana. The scorpion pose requires core strength, flexibility, shoulder strength and balance. Rautela claims years of warm-up exercises and correct alignment has helped her reach this far in the pose.