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How to brew the perfect cup of coffee

A Starbucks employee spills the beans

By Shweta Gandhi  November 26th, 2018

If you can’t live without your daily cup of morning coffee, we feel you. Caffeine is proven to improve your energy levels, boost your metabolism and even elevate your mood — so why not learn how to brew the best cup of coffee to savour its taste the right way? ELLE spoke to Dinesh Adekar, chief supervisor at the Starbucks’ Palladium Mall outlet, to learn the tricks of the trade. Coffee connoisseurs, are you taking notes?

1. The equipment

“You can either make coffee using the pour-over method or the French press,” says Dinesh, who recommends the former method for those who prefer a lighter taste of coffee, and the latter for those who like their coffee strong. “The best coffee is brewed in four minutes,” he adds.

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2. The right proportion of coffee and water

According to Dinesh, the ideal proportion is using 10 grams of coffee for 180ml of water. “If you add more coffee, the taste becomes bitter and overpowered, and you don’t want that.” Stick to this golden ratio to brew your perfect cuppa.

3. The quality of water

“The quality of water you use is crucial as it will determine the final taste of your coffee,” says Dinesh. He advises using fresh, filtered water.

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4. The freshness of coffee

Coffee tastes best when fresh. “If you’re grinding coffee beans, use them within 24 hours to enjoy its delectable taste. Or if it’s a packet, consume it within seven days,” recommends Dinesh.

That’s it. Now all you have to do is take in the aroma, add milk/sugar as preferred, and you’re good to go.