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How to build the perfect skincare kit

Time to break up with your concealer

By ELLE team  April 16th, 2015

You’re building a multi-crore start-up, writing your first self-published book and whipping up meals worthy of MasterChef Australia. So who has time to worry about sunscreen, right? Back up, because that’s not how a real boss lady would do it. Taking care of yourself should be your number one priority, and to help you achieve that, we’ve put together a skincare arsenal that’s idiot-proof and time-sensitive. 

1) Invest in a serum. If you’re not sure which to get, try one that’s deeply hydrating; it should sort out most of your skin issues.

2) Choose a cleanser that takes the day off and doesn’t leave skin feeling stripped of moisture.

3) Don’t skip on using a night cream because most of your skin’s repair happens while you sleep, and you need something that helps the process along.

Flip through the gallery above to get started on building your skincare kit.