How to (casually) work Dior Cruise 2016 into conversation

“It was plaid genius.”

Elaborate: “Sure, you may not wear it to the beach, but hey, it’s something for Fridays – those peplums and structured dresses are going straight to your 9-to-5 wardrobe.”

“How often do you see Pierre Cardin – in the flesh – at his palatial home?”

Elaborate: “The venue of the Dior Cruise 2016 show used to be Pierre Cardin’s vacation pad. (And one doubts they simply chose it for the view. Cardin did after all work with Dior in the ’40s.) For a place built in 1989, the Bubble House still looks pretty damn futuristic. Oh, and it’s also Hungarian architect Antti Lovag’s pièce de résistance. ”

“It was like the Cannes before the Cannes.”

Elaborate: “Well, first of all the venue – it doesn’t get better than the French Riviera, with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea. And then the glittering red carpet! Dakota Fanning, Marion Cotillard, Zoe Kravitz and Teresa Palmer.”

“It was so very classic and yet so modern.”

Elaborate:  Raf Simons returned to Christian Dior’s sharp tailoring with cinched waists, sculpted sleeves and smart jackets.

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