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How to chill out

Try these tips and you’ll never complain about stress again

By Mamta Mody  June 30th, 2016

We don’t need a study to spell out our stress levels or that it leads to poor sleep, causes weight gain and accelerates ageing. Still it’s tough to unwind before bed and wake up with a fresh face. Which is why we asked Nisha Jhaveri, founder of Myrah Spa for her expert relaxation tips for days we can’t even.

Boycott screens in the bedroom
That also includes your phone, iPad (okay, you can keep the Kindle). The glow of the screen disrupts the sleep cycle because our brain is hardwired to wake up when any bright light falls on our eyes. “This is something I personally follow. You need to create some time for yourself during the day, and it’s much easier to unwind with the constant beeping of your phone,” says Nisha.

Practice meditation
“This works like a charm for your body and mind,” says Nisha. You can do something as basic a doing pranayam (breath concentration) for a few minutes to melt away the tension. “Even 10 minutes of meditation every morning will help you take a calmer approach to the day.” (PS: Or sign up for a yoga session at these studios).

Try aromatherapy
“Serene scents will also do the trick. Mimosa and jasmine scented candles are my personal favorite,” says Nisha. You can also place a few drops of calming essential oils on your pillow. Then just lay down and breathe deep for stress-free sleep.   

Switch on tranquil sounds
Create a relaxing atmosphere with your own background sounds. “The sound of waves or rain can leave a tranquil impact on you,” she says. Fake it with a sound machine or phone apps like, eSleep Lite or Relax Melodies. Try the mountain stream sounds and throw in some wind chimes too.

Brew a cup of tea
Big surprise that chamomile is the go-to blend for it’s calming effect, but there are many other blends that work to put your body at ease. Nisha suggests a rose and honey blend as the best nightcap: “It’s like a tranquilizer that will also detox your body”. 

Treat yourself to a DIY facial
Don’t let the pressure of the week show on your face with an at-home facial. “For a quick ritual try Vagheggi, an Italian phytocosmetic skincare brand,” she says. First start by cleansing you face and neck with their White Moon Cleansing Toner. Then massage a few drops of the White Moon Smoothing Concentrate into your skin. Layer that with the Mineral Mask and wash it off after 20 minutes. Finish with the brightening emulsion. Available at Myrah Spa, Juhu and Marine Drive, Mumbai.

Schedule a mid-week spa day
Give yourself a treat with a quick spa getaway during the week (or plan a holiday to Asia’s best detox destinations). Nisha recommends you sign up for the hour-long Mind & Sole ritual that packs in a Divine head massage and a foot reflexology session. Or try the Shut the World ritual to fight off those under-eye bags with Divine eye care and some foot reflexology. We would do it on a Monday to extend the weekend feels.

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