What does your eye colour say about you? Advertisement

What does your eye colour say about you?

Your eyes are giving everything away

By Freshlook  June 23rd, 2017

Blame it on our breakneck pace of life if you will, but in today’s world of instant gratification, first impressions are everything with a capital ‘E’. And your eyes are giving it all away, even before you have the chance to speak.

Since your eyes are what first attracts a person to you, why stick to just the colour you were born with? Move out of the safe comfort zone of your brown pupils and add some adventure to your life (and your lens case) with aqua blue coloured contacts. For those days when you’d like to make a statement, turquoise coloured lenses have your back. We sat down with the colour experts at Freshlook to come up with a decisive chart to help you decide which colour works for your personality. Thank us later. 

 How to find the right coloured lenses for your personality

Fashion’s favourite

Want to be the next big trendsetter in fashion? Your eyes need to match your on-trend wardrobe, and we promise you the Freshlook Amethyst and Green lenses will ensure your own showstopper moment. The only question is, can you handle all the attention?

Style tip: Fashion insiders are loving the '90s bedhead vibe. A sexy smokey eye is just what the design doctor ordered to perfectly complement your stylish contact lenses.  

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Bold Belle

You’re calm, steady and loyal to a fault but anybody who knows you can speak to your hidden wild side. Allow the world to see the rebel within by choosing Freshlook True Sapphire contacts. We guarantee all heads will be turning in your direction, whether you’re ruling the board room or the club.  

Style tip: Skip the heavy eye shadow. Instead, dab your highlighter onto your eye lids. Finish off with the lightest hint of blush to give your skin a warm glow.    

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Elegant Enchantress 

Sensitive and emotional, you believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve. To lend an air of mystery and enigma to your passionate personality, switch between the Freshlook Brilliant Blue lenses and Turquoise, and watch everyone try to decode the secret to your mesmerising eyes. 

Style tip: Skip the kohl and stick to a volumising mascara, ensuring that your stunning new peepers to become the focus point of the entire look.  

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