How to deal with your mother, according to her zodiac sign

This Mother’s Day, understand how to deal with your mother on a deeper level by understanding her personality, basis her zodiac sign. “Each zodiac sign has so many special qualities, and each has got certain sides that are difficult and dark to manage,” says spiritual healer and psychic Ashtar Tashi. And as we grow older, personalities begin to clash since both sides are set in their ways and hesitant to compromise. Whether it’s your Piscean mother who’s always drifting off to wonderland or your Leo mother who hasn’t really let go of her iron hold over your life, this guide will give you a better understanding as to why your mother behaves the way she does, and how to work with it.

Not only will you learn how to improve your relationship with her, but you’ll also gauge the reason why she does those things that annoy you the most. And once you understand that, you’ll be able to let go of issues you’ve been holding on to and invite forgiveness. Here, Ashtar breaks down each zodiac sign with their personality traits.

The Zodiac guide on how to deal with your mother better:

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