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How to deal with your mother, according to her zodiac sign

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By Shweta Gandhi  May 8th, 2018

This Mother’s Day, understand how to deal with your mother on a deeper level by understanding her personality, basis her zodiac sign. “Each zodiac sign has so many special qualities, and each has got certain sides that are difficult and dark to manage,” says spiritual healer and psychic Ashtar Tashi. And as we grow older, personalities begin to clash since both sides are set in their ways and hesitant to compromise. Whether it’s your Piscean mother who’s always drifting off to wonderland or your Leo mother who hasn’t really let go of her iron hold over your life, this guide will give you a better understanding as to why your mother behaves the way she does, and how to work with it.

Not only will you learn how to improve your relationship with her, but you’ll also gauge the reason why she does those things that annoy you the most. And once you understand that, you’ll be able to let go of issues you’ve been holding on to and invite forgiveness. Here, Ashtar breaks down each zodiac sign with their personality traits.

The Zodiac guide on how to deal with your mother better:


A Virgo mum is super organised, methodical and independent, and her kids grow up to be the same. She keeps ordering her children to keep their surroundings clean, to finish pending work, to follow a routine etc. which can make them grow up into being very prim and proper. This can also make you rely on her for support, something a Virgo mother will happily provide. But she tends to be too logical and high strung with her demands of perfection, which can be difficult for you as you might feel you're not meeting her expectations. The reason for her being so picky is that she doesn't want to let herself down, so don't take it personally.


A Gemini mum is extremely sensitive and understanding. She loves communicating, and it holds a lot of value for her to listen to her kids, but her temper can rise as she tends to be a little impatient. She's fiercely independent and doesn't like to be tied down, so she'll allow you to be the way you want be. Given Gemini's duality, she can be very inconsistent, so bear with her with she's being indecisive. She's always interested in the latest stuff since she's a curious one. She doesn't like routine, so don't expect her to be disciplined all the time. She loves to do things differently, which can be problematic since she doesn't have set boundaries. Whenever you're in doubt, speak to her, since she appreciates two-way communication.


A Piscean mother is a dreamer with a fabulous imagination. Her creative streak and compassion will inspire her children. She is very influenced by the energies around her, thanks to her psychic nature, so don't try to hide anything from her. Her laid-back approach to life may spoil you, so remain practical when dealing with real-world problems. Though she hates confrontations, if she's ever fighting, she can get passive aggressive and emotionally manipulative. But her nurturing sensibilities balance that out. She may have trouble differentiating between reality and fantasy, and if she gets lost in the dreamworld, gently bring her back.


A Leo mum loves adventure. She gives a lot to her children as they are the centre of her universe. But they also have the habit of giving in to you — perhaps because she wants to prove herself as the best mum in town. And they probably are, given their lively and passionate nature. She will show her attention loudly and proudly, given her confident demeanour, and this can rub off on you. But when you don't give her attention, she can turn into a drama queen. So make sure you're dividing your time well and giving her as much quality time as she is giving you.


A Libra mum wants to make life a happy and sweet experience for her kids. She will proudly show off everything you've created — whether it's a painting or a poem. Given her cultured upbringing, she will inculcate good manners in you from a very young age. Her weakness is that she sway and be inconsistent — one minute she can be tough on you, the other minute she can be easy. But don't get confused with her behaviour. Let her be, and she will balance herself. She believes in fairness and will always be just, so if you're fighting with your sibling, don't think she'll take the side of her favourite child.


A Cancer mom is synonymous with a typical mother hen. She’s overly attached to her children, and she is able to create a nurtured environment for them. But her over-protective nature can be a little restrictive for you, and you may also feel smothered by her. On the other hand, she'll give you all the attention you need, and will be the best listener to all your worries. She's super creative, and may encourage you to have creative endeavours as well. She could have mood swings though, which may be difficult for you to manage, since she is overly emotional. At those times, all you need to do to cheer her up is by giving her a loving hug.


A Scorpio mum is very intuitive and has a lot of depth. She can always figure out what’s happening in her children's lives. More often than not, she will make your problems her own. Her protective and possessive nature will make her stand up for you, no matter what. Her sense of loyalty is strong. She has her own ideology of parenting, but her emotions can run hot and cold. Don't even try to hide anything from her, for you won't be able to — she's always got her eyes on you, and her observant nature misses nothing. Don't let her jealousy or stubbornness get to you — that's her way of letting you know how much she adores you.


Being the first sun sign, Aries are born leaders. The Aries mother knows how to get her kids in line and she doesn’t take any bad behaviour from them. She loves to have her own life, and though she makes sacrifices for her family, she doesn't like her identity getting dissolved because of that. Sometimes, an Aries mother has a tendency to become negative and fiery which can do more harm than good. She's known to have a temper and can be a little harsh with her words. But at those times, remember her nurturing nature that makes her lovingly take care of you, your friends and everybody else who drops by her home.


A Capricorn mum is career-oriented. She likes everything in a perfect order, and she loves managing. Her analytical mind will always keep challenging yours, and you'll have to try hard to keep up with her. She's big on schedules, and she'll make sure you follow yours just the way it is, but if it gets monotonous for you, communicate it with her. Tell her that you need to spend quality time with her when she's working too hard. Her passion and perseverance towards her career will make you a hard worker as well, and you'll value time and money just the way she does.


A Taurean mother is extremely grounded and loves being outdoors, and her kids love that about her. She can be quite stubborn, especially when there are misunderstandings, which can make it difficult for you. On the other hand, a Taurean mum is the best with children who are over-sensitive, for she has oodles and oodles of patience. She also loves overfeeding, so don't be surprised if there's unlimited food stocked in the fridge. When with her friends, a Taurean mother will always speak highly of your achievements. She always shows a steady presence and is always there for you, which gives you a sense of security.


A Sagittarius mum loves being outdoors and is always looking out for action. She makes sure her children travel from a young age so that it broadens their horizons. She's very open-minded, and she expects you to be the same way. You may be put off by her impatient and critical nature, but remember not to get angry with her, for she's the one you seek when you need permission for a night out. She's that liberal in her thinking.


An Aquarian mother is far from being conventional. Because of her own independent streak, she will encourage her kids to be as independent as possible, and will always make them think out of the box. She's aware of all the suffering in the world, and she'll make sure you are passionate about it. Her humanitarian approach to life will inspire you. Her weakness lies in not being too emotional, so if she's being cold and aloof, know that that's just her personality, since she struggles to handle emotions on a one-on-one level.