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How to fight frizz

Remove the f-word from your vocabulary!

By Samara Madhvani  July 28th, 2016

While the monsoon certainly has its perks (hello cute rain jackets!), the increased humidity does more harm than good to our locks. Because the humid air disrupts cuticles and causes hair to rise and kink, making it a frizzy mess. But don’t give up just yet, we’ve put together the best tips, products and hacks to tackle that frizz.

Ease up on the washing
Excessive shampooing strips away the natural oils from your hair forcing it to absorb moisture from the air that makes it wonky. Scared your hair will look greasy? Try dry shampoo—spray some on the night before and let your hair absorb it before you brush it out in the morning.

Don’t forget the mask
The key to beating frizz is to ensure that your hair is moisturised with a hydrating hair mask. Choose a rich mask that works for your hair type and make sure you give it 10-20 minutes on do it’s work. You can also try one of these delicious DIY hair mask recipes!

Serum = sleek
In addition to giving you a shiny mane, a smoothening serums can help you out of a frizzy situation too. Like masks, you need to pick a serum for your hair type and use it sparingly on damp hair. Apply one that also gives you heat protection if you’re going to use a blowdryer or straightening iron.

Squeeze don’t rub
If you’ve decided to skip the blow dryer,change your towel drying technique and use a microfiber cloth or t-shirt that’s gentler on your hair. Instead of rubbing your hair, use a squeezing motion to prevent any damage. When you do decided to use a dryer, try an ionic hairdryer that maintains your hair’s moisture levels.

Braid it
Take inspiration from your Bollywood actor and try a braided hairdo. Do classic boxer braids or invent your own twist—braids are guaranteed to beat frizz (and they also work best on unwashed hair). To finish off your hairstyle, spritz hairspray on to a mascara wand and gently brush back the hair on your crown to guarantee it stays in place all day!

 Flip through the gallery for our favourite product picks and celeb hairstyle inspo! Or try the braid tutorial below.

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