How to fix your chipped gel manicure at home

If you’re someone who has a standing monthly manicure appointment at your favourite nail salon, you’re probably wondering what to do now that we’re in quarantine. Fear not, no matter what your nail issue, there is a simple at-home solution. We turned to Sana Dhanani, founder of The White Door India in Mumbai and Christina Ahiwale, manager of beauty and make-up at Jean Claude Biguine Salons for some much needed mani advice:


Buff, buff, buff

Rather than getting rid of your whole manicure, fix the nicked part. “File the chipped edge with a buffer to break the topmost coat of the gel polish,” says Ahiwale. Dhanani agrees and echoes, “It is super important you do this well so that the new polish layer application will be flawless.” Post buffing, swipe on two coats of a similar polish shade so that it blends in.

Try nail art

“If you don’t have the exact shade of lacquer, no worries. Transform your chipped manicure into nail art by using a contrasting shade or regular glitter nail paint. And, if there is more than one spot that’s uneven, your best bet is using polka dots as cover ups,” says Dhanani. “Seal it with a top coat and you’re set.”


Make it last

To prolong the life of your manicure, make sure you give your nails extra TLC. Excessive washing of hands dries them out, so Ahiwale suggests keeping a heavy-duty moisturiser handy. Dhanani also recommends using apricot and olive oil. “They are the saviours for dry nails and cuticles.” She also suggests wearing gloves while doing chores, since any strong cleaning agent will expedite your polish cycle.

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