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How to get your pet on BuzzFeed

You know your baby has what it takes to be the next Grumpy Cat

By Deepa Menon  February 27th, 2015

All animals are cute. You won’t catch me participating in any my-cat-is-cuter-than-your-cat debates. Not out loud anyway. But all that changed when I submitted a picture of Jijibhoy to CuteOverload. For the next few weeks, as I checked the site obsessively, I judged every new upload — every baby chimp in a diaper, every kitten drinking from a bottle, every single ridiculously photogenic quokka — against my podgy 4-year-old sociopath. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the site is clearly fixed.

BuzzFeed has an app out that will help you avoid social interaction, look at pictures of cute animals AND give your pet a shot at Internet fame. Download Cute Or Not on any iOS device and spend hours swiping right if you think the critter on your screen is cute, left if you’re a soulless monster who judges magnificent animals by narrow human standards of beauty. You can also upload your pet’s picture and canvas for votes on Facebook, and if enough people swipe right, your sweet babboo will be featured on BuzzFeed. Thereby bringing you one step closer to quitting your job from all the money you make on YouTube just filming your cat doing stupid shit.