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How to handle breakup stress

Fix your broken heart

By ELLE team  February 16th, 2018

How to handle breakup stress when you’ve got your heart broken is a question everyone has had on their mind at some point or the other. That crushing pain doesn’t have you thinking straight, you want to pick up your phone and text your ex just for that fleeting moment of comfort, but in the long run, is it worth it? No, it’s not.

You need to heal so that you can move on and if you go back to your own patterns, you’re more likely to draw out your pain. Surprisingly, all ‘those getting over a breakup’ clichés you’ve read about or seen in the movies have a basis in science. From burying your sorrows in a tub of chocolate to signing up for at the gym to get your revenge body, here’s how to handle breakup stress using every rom-com trope in the book

How to handle breakup stress:

Get that revenge body

Whatever the reason for getting in shape, focusing on fitness is always a good thing. Sure, you may have started working out to shed that relationship weight and get back your rocking bod, but after a point, it stops being about the other person and starts being about you. Working out shows that you're ready to take initiative and start putting yourself first. Sweating it out not only releases endorphins in your body, making you a happier person, it also makes you challenge yourself. It helps reduce stress and focuses your attention on other goals.

Get rid of all the stuff that reminds you of him

Definitely DON'T light his shirts on fire and fling them off a balcony — it's not a movie. But would a cleanse be the worst thing? De-cluttering personal space is all about identifying what still works for you and what doesn't. If you're having trouble moving on, holding onto a pair of his boxers "just to sleep in" isn't helping. It's a constant reminder of the relationship and that it's now over. Out of sight and out of mind. Relationships, like everything else, are like a habit, and every time you linger on those old memories, you're giving in to the habit.

Get a fabulous new 'do

Coco Chanel once said, " A women who cuts her hair is about to change her life." Cutting hair is like shedding skin, it marks a new chapter in the cycle of things. Sure, it may sound silly but everyone needs a change once in a while, however temporary it may be. You've reached a new stage of your life, even if the shift is internal, sometimes the best way to let the world know is with an external transformation. According to Dr Vivian Diller, "changing our appearance is a proactive measure when other aspects of our life feel beyond our control."

Drown your sorrows in a box of chocolates

Chocolate doesn't just taste good, it is good and it makes you feel good. Of course, we're talking about dark chocolate here because coming off a sugar high isn't the best feeling. Dark chocolate is the good kind of comfort food, the kind that releases serotonin proven to make people happier and less stressed. If you manage to get your hands on an almond and dark chocolate bar, make sure to do it some damage. Almonds are rich in Vitamin B, which help you cope with stress and anxiety. The combination doesn't just taste amazing, it's nature's very own upper. 

Host a girl's night

Have a girl's night, sit in, go out, whatever. Just do it. When stress rolls around, men's 'fight or flight' instincts tend to kick in. Women are more likely to tend to the issue, gather together and work through it. Spending time with other ladies in this manner releases oxytocin in the brain which is good for your feel-good emotions. It's also fun. Spending time with the ladies in your life will let you know you're not alone, that other people have had similar experiences as you and may offer you a solution that wouldn't cross your mind otherwise.