How to help the relief effort in Nepal


The tragedy in Nepal has taken close to 3,800 lives, and the death toll is expected to rise. It’s also feared that the country might need over $5 billion to recover.

There many little things you can do to help. But often it’s daunting to figure where to start. CrowdRise is a platform that’s currently helping people streamline all rescue and fundraising efforts.

Various NGOs have their own pages on the platform. Care promises to supply food and shelter. The Shikshya Foundation, supported by Prabal Gurung, is looking to focus on the immediate need for medical support, search and rescue operations, emergency shelters, food and water among other things. And as the months go by they’ll reallocate funds towards the rebuilding process.

If you (or people you know) are headed to Nepal to volunteer and help with the on-ground efforts, then consider setting up your own page, so that people can reach out.

You can also look at dropping off essential supplies at the Embassy of Nepal, in New Delhi.


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