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How to make your eyelashes look longer

Up your eyelash game using household items!

By Samara Madhvani  October 20th, 2016

You can kiss the daunting thought of (trying) to apply false eyelashes on to your eyes goodbye! We’ve found the most effective hacks to up your eyelash game. The best part? All of them involve items that you can find at home. 


For this hack, all you need is a spoon and mascara. Flip the spoon so the rounded area faces outwards, and position the spoon as close to your upper lash line as possible. Start applying your mascara from the roots, and use the back of the spoon as a base to push your eyelashes against. Be sure to drag the wand out as long as you can; the spoon will prevent the mascara from getting on your face and allow you to extend the length of your eyelashes.

Powder coating

Prep your eyelashes using a curler. Start off with a few coats of your favourite mascara. Put some baby powder on the back of your hand, and use a Q-tip to apply the powder to your lashes. Make sure that you apply enough – your eyelashes should look very powder coated when you’re done! Let it set for a few seconds, and then reapply a few coats of your mascara to ensure that the baby powder is no longer visible. Voilà, longer lashes. 


If your mascara is making your eyelashes look clumpy instead of lengthy, try this: take a brand new toothbrush and carefully run it over your lashes after applying mascara. The bristles will de-clump your mascara and leave your lashes looking thick! If your mascara still feels clumpy, soak the tube in hot water before you use it for a short time or add a few eye drops of contact lens solution to the mascara and shake well. Be careful though; you’re supposed to dispose of your mascara every three months, so if it is very clumpy this is a sign that it could have expired.


Is the eyelash curler your favourite beauty tool? Make it even more effective by putting it under a blow dryer at its hottest setting before you use it! The heat will help to elongate the curl and make sure it stays. (Similar to curling irons for your hair.)

DIY extensions

Create your own eyelash extensions using cotton wool and an eyebrow brush! Apply mascara as normal. Stretch out a piece of cotton so it is wispy, and trace the eyebrow brush over the cotton so that pieces of it attach to the brush. Use the brush to comb out your eyelashes – the pieces of the cotton should stick. Apply another coat of mascara, and repeat if necessary!

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