How to make your hair colour last longer

Highlights, ombre or balayage–your best bet to get any kind of hair colour right, is to invest time in giving it extra care and love. We’re all too familiar with the worst-case scenarios; dry ends, dullness, colour fading, hair breakage…the list goes on. Find your saviour in Moroccan oil, the cult favourite is celebrating ten years of mastering of argan oil-infused hair care with a new launch, specifically for coloured hair. The five-product range uses a unique ArganID technology, where micro capsules get attracted to damaged hair fibres and fix them. These micro particles deliver 99.6 per cent argan oil to your hair so that your colour may last longer, doesn’t fade, and is evenly distributed. Here are the in-salon and at-home products to repair and restore your coloured hair.

Step 1: Moroccanoil ChromaTech PRIME

1ChromaTech Prime 160ml CMYK NoReflection

Just like your face primer, the in-salon treatment uses the Moroccanoil ChromaTech PRIME spray to ensure the colour coats your hair evenly. Additionally, it even soothes your scalp before you start with the colouring process.

Step 2: Moroccanoil ChromaTech POST

2ChromaTech Post 1L CMYK NoReflection

Opt for this in-salon treatment post your hair colour. The Moroccanoil ChromaTech POST contains COLORLINK™ technology that helps to rebuild the keratin structure of your hair (which makes it smooth) and builds a protective barrier to prevent fading. Result: beautiful long-lasting colour and healthier-looking hair.

Step 3 & 4:  Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo & Conditioner

The at-home shampoo and conditioner are also infused with the COLORLINK™ technology to continuously repair and restore your hair. This technology forms a water-resistant layer around each strand and extends the life of your colour.

Moroccan Oil Thumbnail ELLE INDIA2

Step 5: Moroccan oil Protect & Prevent Spray

This is the last step to really seal the deal. This leave-in formula conditions hair and protects it against the sun by absorbing harmful UV rays and defusing free radicals. Think of this as a shield that defends hair from environmental damage.

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