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How to make your hair grow faster

Don't let that awkward in-between hair weigh you down

By Mihika Pai  June 13th, 2016

We’ve all been there: your hair grows at breakneck speed till a certain point and suddenly kaput! It decides it likes being at that specific length and refuses to grow any further. You could get a monthly trim to boost hair growth, but Monsoon Salon hairstylist and colourist Rod Anker also stresses the importance of lifestyle choices. Maintain a balanced diet, stay fit and check your vitamin levels to preserve your hair’s thickness. If you’re suddenly faced with thinning hair, make sure you aren’t deficient in iron, zinc, vitamin B and vitamin C. Alternatively, visit a doctor to make sure your hormones are in check. Try Biotin supplements if lack of keratin is causing thinning; celebrity hairstylist Asha Hariharan also suggests a regular hair spa treatment to boost keratin and maintain a healthy scalp. You can always go the traditional route with a warm oil massage, too. Work it through the ends and use just a few drops on the scalp to aid massage. And lastly, protect your hair from excessive sun exposure.