How to make your perfume last longer in summer

Sweltering heat and humidity are hands down the worst part of summer, and making your perfume power through the day is truly a task. Body mists are too sweet, and most heady fragrances can give anyone a headache. We spoke to Nevine Thiermann, training manager at Parfums Christian Dior, who gave us some tried and tested tricks to smell good all summer.

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Right Choice

One way to avoid a perfume-induced headache is to find a scent that works for you. Try different scents, if that still doesn’t work try perfumed body products, Thiermann recommends, “At Christian Dior, our soaps feature one of the perfume components, like rose and neroli. You can also choose one to complement your fragrance.”

Layer it

Moisturised skin holds onto fragrance longer. Thiermann suggests layering your perfume to make sure you smell great all day, “If you use a perfumed body lotion by itself, you’ll get a very discreet intensity. If you layer it with a scented soap, the cream, and then the perfume, you’ll get long-lasting intensity.”

Apply it right

Applying perfume on the warmer areas of your body helps develop the scent easily, so make sure you cover all the bases- the neck, wrists, behind your knees and earlobes. Thiermann recommends, “Once you are done perfuming your body, you could perfume your clothes as well. Due to the natural elements in Christian Dior perfumes, they can be sprayed on garments made of natural materials.” A little hack, to leave a lingering effect wherever you go, is to apply perfume on the hem of your dress. 

Store it well

If you’re stocking your prized bottles in your bathroom cabinet, then you may want to reconsider your strategy. Humidity can destroy the perfume composition so store them in a cool cabinet, away from sunlight.

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