How to nail a face massage in five minutes by Meghan Markle’s facialist

Face massage — it sounds like a slightly unnecessary addition to your already expanding skincare routine, but stay with us. Why? Because giving your face a good old massage has a wealth of benefits — firmer skin, better sleep and overall happiness among them, not to mention being an injection-free alternative to botox. 

And you can do it in just five minutes.

Oh, and royal-to-be with the best skin in Buckingham Palace Meghan Markle loves it too, which is more than enough reason for us.

We caught up with Markle’s go-to facialist and legendary face-transforming aesthetician Nichola Joss, to nab her top tips for DIY face massage when you’ve only got five minutes to spare.

What does a face massage actually do?

“There are almost no downsides to doing a face massage at all. It has so many uses and they’re all positive.”

1. Removes tension and stress from your jawline leaving you with a softer but stronger muscle and the face shape you’re actually meant to have.

2. Improves blood circulation which helps speed up skin cell renewal which in turn means nice, plump new skin.

3. Gives your skin vibrancy and bounce.

4. Moving the muscles in your face helps flush out toxins and pollution that can cause congestion in your skin.

5. Improves your overall facial structure so there’s less need for botox or fillers. 

6. Stimulates your lymphatic system, draining fluids that can cause puffiness. 

7. Stimulates endorphins! You’re always happier after you’ve done some facial massage.

8. Helps you relax.

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When should you do a face bassage?

Giving your face a good old massage works at any time of the day but Nichola advises you take time before you go to sleep to indulge. 

“Facial massage helps prep you for sleep which is essential for anyone that doesn’t sleep well. It gets you into that relaxed mode and stops you looking at your phone.”


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Five face massage moves you can do in five minutes

There’s no hard and fast rules to face massage, in fact, Nichola advises you stay “organic with your movements” and adapt what you’re doing to your specific face structure and requirements. For example, if you have a lot of tension in your jaw, you would focus the massage on this area, rather than spending time on your eyes etc. Bespoke face massage = ideal.

However, if, like us, you like a set routine to follow and a little guidance from a pro, these are Nichola’s top moves you can do in under five minutes.


General rules for face massage

– Always start from the centre of your face and move outwards and upwards.

– Don’t be afraid to be firm, we’re trying to reverse the effects of gravity here, people.

Step 1

Drop a small amount of face oil into the palms of your hands and rub lightly together.

Step 2

Place the palms of your hands against either side of your nose and sweep outwards and upwards. Repeat.

Step 3

Arrange your index and middle fingers into groovy peace signs, join into a diamond shape and place your chin in the hollow. Sweep outwards along and up your jaw. Repeat.

Step 4

Place your peace signs upright with each finger hugging the sides of your cheekbones in a V shape (your middle finger should be alongside your nose, your index finger on the outside of your face). Push up and repeat.

Step 5

Place your index finger on the outer corner of your eye pulling it taut. Use your middle finger from the same hand to sweep underneath your eye in an arch, pressing along the top of your cheekbone. Repeat.

Step 6

Repeat the above move but taking your middle finger along the top of your eyebrows instead of underneath your eye. Firmly press in an arch from the beginning of your eyebrow outwards, working along the brow bone. Repeat.


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