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How to save space in your closet

Any reason to shop more!

By Samara Madhvani  August 10th, 2016

Unfortunately, our closets don’t expand at the same rate that we can shop at. Leaving your brand new dress in a shopping bag on the floor isn’t going to solve your storage issues though. We’ve found the best DIY projects, storage hacks and folding methods to make sure that your closet goals are answered. Happy organising!

Digitalise your closet

Worried you’ll forget what you have if it’s not in front of you? Download an app to digitalise your closet! Apps such as Cloth help to take inventory of what you have and allows you to effortlessly flip through your prized possessions on your smartphone. 


Pop soda

Use the top of a soda can to double the room! Loop one of the holes of the can top on to an existing hanger, and another to loop a hanger through. Not only does it look discreet, but it also ensures that outfit combos stay together. 

closet hacks use a soda tab to double the hangers

Fold carefully

There are certain ways to fold your clothes to maximize storage space. Yes, this may be annoying to do while putting laundry away, but it will make your closet look more organized and make it easier to find clothes in the mornings. Don’t stack t-shirts—store them horizontally (like files in a cabinet) and instead of folding jeans, roll them and store them in a drawer so you have more hanging space for dresses. 

Hang tightly

Attach a row of curtain loops to a hanger,and hang your tank tops or scarves to each ring so that it only occupies the space of one hanger. You can also use this to group together tanks for different occasions or by colour! If you don’t have enough drawer space to fold up denim shorts, hang them up on your rod by looping a curtain ring through the belt loop.


Get creative

Still not satisfied with how much space you’ve added? Store clean sheets flat under your mattress to avoid having to stack them in your closet (which gives you an extra shelf). Attach shelves or hooks to the corners of your closet which usually goes unused. 

closet h1

Photographs: Monica Rose Stylist, House by Hoff, The Shabby Creek Cottage

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