The insomnia diet: How to sleep well by eating right Advertisement

The insomnia diet: How to sleep well by eating right

Catch a few extra Zs by incorporating these foods into your daily diet

By ELLE team  June 11th, 2018

To enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle, you need to know how to sleep well. While sleeping patterns differ from one person to another, research says that an average adult needs at least seven hours of shut-eye to function effectively. Insomnia is a little more serious than you think. If left completely ignored, your sleep-deprived nights can cause you high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain and more. Eating the right food can help you get that good night’s sleep you deserve, so include these foods in your daily diet to help you fight insomnia.

How to sleep well by eating right

1. Salmon

A serving of salmon amps up the body's natural levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, which is released when the brain senses darkness. The fish is a good source of vitamin B6, crucial to melatonin production.


Add chickpeas or hummus to the dinner menu. They're another excellent source of melatonin-boosting of vitamin B6.

3. Jasmine rice

Filling up with a healthy portion of carbs, such as rice, at dinner can increase the ratio of sleep-inducing acids in the body's circulatory system.

4. Spinach

The green is rich in magnesium, important for healthy nerve function, which can settle restless sleepers prone to twitching.


Research suggests calcium is directly related to melatonin production. In fact, calcium levels are highest in the body when we're experiencing our deepest sleep – REM. Get a fix with low-fat yoghurt, cheese and milk. (For a dairy sensitivity, leafy greens are a good alternative.)