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How to suck at exercise

…and keep going anyway. Nike’s new campaign promises you’ll be #betterforit

By Deepa Menon  April 15th, 2015

Nike’s new campaign Better For It focuses not on flat abs or toned arms, but what it takes to get there. Every morning alarm you don’t ignore, every suryanamaskar you attempted, every time you took the stairs instead of the lift—Nike insists each of these baby steps has counted. So the next time you’re daunted by far you have to go to achieve your fitness goals, stop and look at what you’ve sacrificed even to get to this point. You didn’t hit snooze! You are already a champ.

Unlike most ads for sports brands, this one focuses not on winning but on falling behind. Instead of the usual sweat flying, veins popping, adrenaline-pumping visuals, we are shown the less glamorous, but no less inspiring, moments: knees buckling, arms wobbling, shoulders slumping. The point is to keep going anyway.

For even more inspiration to get you moving when you’re feeling less than sporty, watch this excellent video we reviewed for ELLE Active.

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