10 things you’d know if you’re an ’80s child

What you read, watched, and ate if you were a cool ‘80s kid.


In the pre-Cartoon Network era, cartoon options were limited, but at least we had He-Man and the power of Grayskull.


Ek Anek aur Ekta

Every ‘80s kid knows the lyrics to the song from this Films Division short (but it seems like some of them might have forgotten its message of unity in diversity).

Gold Spot

This fizzy orange cola reigned when Coca-Cola and Pepsi were absent from the Indian market. 



Charminar ads were so cool, we badly wanted a drag…



…but settled for Phantom’s candy ciggies instead.

Phantom Cigarettes

2 rupee notes

Useful for when snacks actually used to cost Rs. 2.

rupees 2 note reverse

Chacha Chaudhary

In more innocent times, our superhero was a kind old uncle with a quick wit.


Flop Show

No one satirized Indian manners and politics as well as Jaspal Bhatti.

Gandhi on Independence Day

Every year on August 15th, Doordarshan broadcast this three-hour long slog. Every year, our parents made us watch it.

Ben Kingsley in Gandhi 19 001

Kapil Dev for BSA SLR

The comic-style ad featuring our World Cup-winning idol made everyone want this sleek bike.

kapil bsa slr wm 110925


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