An easy guide to treating your hungover skin Advertisement

An easy guide to treating your hungover skin

Time to flush those toxins out

By Tatiana Dias  January 4th, 2019

We’re about a week into 2019 and we already need a holiday from holiday season. December was marked by parties, food, and bottomless drinking which also meant, sleepless nights, bad decisions, and lots of laziness. All these together have probably had a major impact on many things including your skin, your very hungover and party-tired skin.

Sipping on detox green teas isn’t the only thing you need to do to give your skin a fresh burst of life—you’re going to have to do a lot more. Here’s how you can refresh and rejuvenate your party-tired skin and give it that natural boost it needs.


The perfect way to deep cleanse your skin is with a face mask. Look out for natural ingredients such as yoghurt, milk, lemon, cucumber, honey, oatmeal, in  your face masks, or DIY them for an au naturel approach. There truly isn’t anything a face mask can’t fix.


Eat right 

Remember that hydration also means eating foods that have a high water content. Fruits and vegetables such as melons, cucumbers, strawberries, celery, and bell peppers, are water-rich foods that will keep you hydrated without having to drink buckets of water.

Stay away from caffeine and alcohol during this period—remember, you want to flush out your system and not aggravate it further.


January is probably the only month where you’re motivated enough to sweat it out and happily give fitness a go. Take advantage of this and hit the gym, or go for a run—the weather permits it so why not? Exercising maintains the cortisol levels in the body which, in turn, prevents breakouts and dull-looking skin.


Scrub the last of 2018 away with am exfoliator that will remove the accumulated dead skin cells on your face. Dry brush your face to boost circulation, and then finish off with a slightly grainy scrub that isn’t too abrasive.

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Thanks to the weather, your skin can get rather dehydrated and dry. Throw alcohol in the mix and you’re left with parched pores in search of an oasis. There are various ways by which you can hydrate your skin, aside from the obvious eight glasses of water a day. In terms of topically treating it, ensure that you stay away from harsh cleansers that strip it off its natural oils and remember to constantly keep your skin moisturised. Keep spritzing your face with alcohol-free face mists such as rose or lavender water which will keep it moist and supple through the day.

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