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How to use crystals for healing

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By ELLE team  April 3rd, 2018

Whether you believe in crystals for healing or not, the mystical stones — coupled with essential oils — have been used throughout history to help cure a myriad ailments. Worn in amulets for protection, crystals have been tied to healing and witchcraft alike. Ashtar Tashi, crystal healing therapist, informs us that there’s no harm in keeping these supercharged elements around your person, “Either they work for you or they don’t. But they never harm you.” That’s right, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain if you believe in crystals for healing, according to the professional.

So, Elle asked her to help us out with everything ailing us — from love to money — and Tashi was kind enough to provide us with all the stones necessary for us to live our best life. We paired the crystals with our knowledge of essentials oils, and there’s no denying the results.

How to use crystals for healing

Healing crystal: Black onyx, Tourmaline

Black onyx is used to ward off bad energies and thoughts. As it is easily wearable, you're better off carrying it on your person, not just because of its prevention powers, but also its energy-preserving properties. The support-giving stone can be kept in your office to promote good decision-making. “Tourmaline has grounding energy and protection. It pulls you down to earth and helps you keep sight of what is important,” says Tashi. 

Essential oil: Frankincense

This essential oil is best used to improve your luck, protection and reduce stress. This oil is good to use indoors as it helps purify the air.



Healing crystal: Rose Quartz

They say the best cure for a broken heart is time, but often, time needs a nudge in the right direction. Rose quartz is the crystal that helps with the healing of the Anhata (heart) chakra. But it isn’t always about others loving you, it’s also about you loving yourself. The crystal promotes harmony and self-love. Its gentle energy has emotional healing properties which promote a sense of self-esteem and personal growth in its wearer.

Essential oil: Rose

It would make sense that the rose quartz and crystal’s properties go hand in hand. Rose is most commonly associated with love and beauty. The oil is also considered an aphrodisiac. A few drops added to your beauty products also help with absorption.

Attention and focus

Healing crystal: Fluorite

We’re not talking about if you’re not getting attention, we’re talking about paying attention. If you have trouble focusing or paying attention at work or at school, you may want to get some fluorite. The stone helps with clarity by calming your mind and removing distraction. 

Essential oil: Basil

It may conjure up images of your favourite pesto pasta when in a diffuser, but basil essential oil does so much more than that. Not only does it help with respiration problems, allowing better oxygen flow to the brain, it also boosts blood circulation.


Healing crystal: Carnelian

Feeling a bit lazy? Carnelian stones maybe your new best friend. They are crystals of action, boosting confidence to help you chase what you want. The red stone is said to promote life force energy via the blood.

Essential oil: Grapefruit

The fruit isn’t all that will get you up and out of bed in the morning. Grapefruit oil’s refreshing fragrance uplifts and revives. Maybe skip the morning coffee buzz and sniff some grapefruit essential oil instead.



Healing crystal: Citrine

If it’s wealth you wish to attract, then a citrine crystal placed where you collect money may help you improve your finances. A cash register, wallet and areas where you would collect money is where you should place a citrine stone. “People who have exhibitions or who own stores, I always advise them to put a big rough yellow citrine at the space where they are dealing with money and I’ve seen results.”

Essential oil: Ginger root

The extremely pungent oil increases bio-electric energy and is said to attract prosperity and wealth opportunities.


Stress and health

Healing crystal: Amethyst

Amethyst is a protective stone that promotes emotional wisdom. Amethysts don’t just help alleviate stress because of its calming properties, but they also help with rational thought. Keeping an amethyst by your bedside or near your head will promote peace.

Essential oil: Lavender

Lavender doesn’t just help with stress because it reminds you of your grandmother. The calming effects of lavender are known throughout history.  The oil’s balancing effect can help with stress and insomnia.